Classic Yacht Association – Canada Woody Rendezvous

Classic Yacht Association – Canada Woody Rendezvous

After two days of woodys that are lacking somewhat in wow eg paint and varnish, todays story on the CYA Canada’s Fathers Day – Bell Street Rendezvous certainly delivers on both those fronts.

The YouTube link popped up on one of my feeds and it wasn’t until I saved the link for reposting on WW that I noticed that the video was 10 years old 🙂 . But given we are looking at classic wooden boats, thats all good.

Enjoy – suggestion – mute the sound, a little OTT.

And isn’t it nice to see a classic yacht association that celebrates its classic motor boat / launch fleet and doesn’t treat them as second class citizens.

258 Stunning Classic Boat Photos

258 Boat Porn Photos

The few above are to tease you to view all the 258 stunning  photos from the Bell Street Harbour Classic Rendezvous, pull the cork on a nice Pinot, find a good chair & click the link below. Enjoy 🙂