Classic Wooden Boats on the Broads


Classic Wooden Boats on the Broads

Mooching around the wooden boat on-line world I recently came a across a small group of woodys in the UK that host a fb group titled ‘Classic Wooden Boats on the Broads’. Its a private group so you have to request membership.They are very active posters and have great content.

A recent story by member Nick Rainbird feature the boat yard – Abbey Boat Builders and restored (rebuilt) 1932 Broads cabin cruiser – Queen of Light. She was designed and built by Herbert Woods of Potter Heigham, Norfolk, in answer to, back then, the growing demand for luxury inland waterway hire craft. 

The team at Abbey Boat Builders is led by traditional boatbuilder Abbey Moyneux (photo below) – read more about Abbey here
Wonderfully to see these craft being given a second life and even better that Queen of Light will be going into charter on the Broads.

And surprize surprize no CYA Tui’s billboard today – hopefully some good news tomorrow and maybe an email later today 😉