Queen of Beauty

Queen of Beauty motoryacht


The magnificent looking motor yacht – Queen of Beauty was owned in the early 1900’s by Samuel Kirkpatrick, he kept her in Nelson. Aside from owning Queen of Beauty, Kirkpatrick’s biggest claim to fame was he founded K Jams back in 1881, in 1884 they were turning out over 10,000 cans a day. In the 1960’s the remains of the business were purchased by J. Wattie Canneries.
Kirkpatrick died in 1925 and its believed QoB was then used for fishing for a while. Seems incredible that a vessel of her stance would ‘go commercial’ but that is what they did in those days.
I have been contacted by Tam Hazan who is working on a record of Samuel Kirkpatrick’s life – Tam and myself would like to uncover what became of the Queen of Beauty, there has been chat that she may have ended up in Queenstown.
INPUT EX CAMERON POLLARD – Photo below of QoB in work boat mode – that’s her in the background.
Anyone Able To ID This Old Girl
Woody Russell Ward’s wife, Marie, snapped the photo below last weekend of this double-ender woody on the move in Whangateau Harbour. Another project for Whangateau boat yard?
Input from Denis O’Callahan – Denis snapped a couple of photos of the above mystery woody that appeared back on 13 Nov. 2019 – link below. We couldn’t ID her then – any suggestions – Russell Ward ?? , its your stumping ground 🙂