Pelorus Jack


On one of my road trips up north I spotted the launch – Pelorus Jack berthed at the Kerikeri Cruising Club marina. Aside from the s/s jungle gym she appears to be a smart looking woody.

Nice big cabin with tasteful window design and size. I suspect the tanks are empty as she is noticeably pointing downhill. 

Any northern woodys able to tell us more about Pelorus Jack?

Something for all the smaller classic woody boats – or crew that snore – a floating tent 😉



Earlier in the week I was mooching around the Kerikeri Cruising Club marina in Dove Bay and spotted the woody – Triesta. A total unknown to me, but some distinctive style features to her so I’m sure someone/s will chip in with details.

The marina is a gem and a credit to the KCC, there is a lot to be said for ‘club’ owned marinas versus big business owned e.g. West Harbour, Bayswater, Pine Harbour 😉