photos ex Marlene Kendon & Robert Brooke

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Marlene Kendon, the great niece of Leo Swales (& Joseph Swales), now to the naive amongst us (thats me) in the early 1900’s the Swales were prolific owners of yachts & motor launches. Seems they changed vessels at least every two years. Some of the kin were even boatbuilders.
Marlene had in her possession two Swales photos albums, now I was interested, but when I mentioned the albums to Harold Kidd he instructed me to be VERY interested 🙂
I now have the albums & will be reviewing them with Harold & sharing with you all.

Amongst the collection were two loose photos of Linda – the 1927 Colin Wild launch that was almost destroyed by fire in the mid 1980’s & rescued by Robert & Russell Brooke.

I emailed Robert copies of the photos, one he had seen before (its already on ww) but the other (showing Linda underway) was a newbie to Robert. Robert returned the favour with four photos, two showing Linda as they purchased her in 1992, one of her half way thru the reconstruction. The final one has her off Salthouse’s in 1995, after the four year restoration.

Linda features else where on ww so hit the search box to see some early photos.