New Zealand Classic Wooden Boat Register – 200+ Photos


New Zealand Classic Wooden Boat Register – 200+ Photos

Stoked to be able to share with you the 2018 edition of the CYA Classic Register. Big ups to the CYA team behind it, pulling everything together is a massive undertaking, I’ve been there & done that, having been involved with the first 4 issues – 2018 is a winner, so make a cup of coffee or pour something a little stronger & sit back & enjoy over 200 photos. Click link below

to view

Lucky CYA members will be getting a free hard copy version in the post very soon. Almost worth joining to get a copy 😉 Membership details here

7 thoughts on “New Zealand Classic Wooden Boat Register – 200+ Photos

  1. Don’t be in too big a hurry to condemn the register team. These people are unpaid volunteers who spend a huge amount of hours putting these things together. Perhaps you might offer your assistance collating the next one if you think they’re doing a bad job. It’s not as easy as you think. Try herding cats…. First glance without my rose tinted glasses on it looks great. I’ll run a critical eye over it when i get a few minutes….. The bit that annoys me year on year is the insistence on chronological order. Use the bloody alphabet, thats what it was designed for… finding stuff quickly 😛


  2. OK. It’s owner mythology then.
    IONE is obviously a stock Bailey & Lowe 35 footer of the period 1909 onwards, even to being fitted originally with a 12hp Sterling engine, pretty much a clone of PRINCESS. My guess is that she was launched by Bailey & Lowe for her first owner, W.J. Wilson of Ponsonby in the latter part of October or very early November 1909. Her first race was in November when she was off scratch.
    We’ve been here before, but surely there’s a risk of this kind of misinformation becoming embedded by such an official imprimatur as featuring as numero uno in the CYA handbook that outweighs the hassle of telling (and convincing) an owner that he/she’s wrong?
    I guess it all depends on how much the CYA regards itself as the guardian of the truth about old boats.
    I know it’s hard.
    A Norak


  3. Call the owner to discuss dates. Same for all – there is an unbelievable amount of work involved in extracting all requested lines from folk (owner name and contact, photo of acceptable quality, year built/designed) despite requesting such clearly. Wacky dates, not so fussed 😛


  4. I shuddered at the very first entry attributed to “Logan Bros, 1900”. “Bailey & Lowe, December 1909” would have been rather less inaccurate. Owner mythology or is there some actual provenance?


  5. I wouldn’t be in too big a hurry to compliment the team that put the Register together, when they omit an entry of a CYA member who has been with them for 2 years, and all information and photo supplied.


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