Mahurangi Regatta 2022 – 150+ Classic Wooden Boat Photos


2022 will be remembered as the no frills regatta – no small boats, no beach activity, no beach party (band, bbq’s), no prize giving – but woodys it still rocked. Great turn out of both launches and yachts, and the weather gods delivered a breeze that provided some of the best racing we have seen in a long time.

I was told by someone that should know – that the budget for previous regatta’s is knocking on the door of $50,000 – maybe CV-19 has been a relativity check and maybe – less is more 🙂

I’m told Peter Brookes has Rawhiti in the groove, she is smoking the rest of the fleet – well done skipper and the grey haired crew 😉 for taking out the A division + Little Jim backing up last years Logan Trophy win with another win.

Tomorrow we will have a look at Mondays launch drag race for the quicks – conditions were below average on the inner harbour – correction, bad everywhere, I had the 2nd worst passage back from Kawau yesterday – 4.5 hours of my life I’ll never get back 🙂 . If I ever see the prick in a very large Riviera that went past me at full chat less than 50m away in the Rangi Channel and almost rolled me – he will get a bottle of Thai Fish Sauce in his air-con intake. 

No real story today, just a photo gallery from the weekend – sit back and enjoy. Remember click photos to enlarge. No photos from the Scotts Landing casual gathering – no need for a record ;-).

Special thanks to Murray Deeble and Glen Keeper for sending in photos 🙂

Update 02-02-22 Mahurangi weekend photo gallery below sent in by Graeme Finch

9 thoughts on “Mahurangi Regatta 2022 – 150+ Classic Wooden Boat Photos

  1. Just for the record, Rawhiti won the trifecta last year, 1st on line, 1st on handicap & Logan trophy. Also for the record, the grey haired crew got a right royal dousing in yesterdays Anniversary regatta. A real bash out the harbour and a bit of a drag race with Thelma and Arohia from Salt works to Motukoria.


  2. Great photos thanks Alan.
    Yes if you had a beam sea for a long period of time on the way home it is quite draining.
    Especially when we have light boats, they react to it straight away don’t they?
    A heavier boat offers a slow roll, but even then when everything gets stowed away something finds a way out.


  3. We were returning from Mahurangi Sunday afternoon and were badly rolled by a Riviera off the naval dockyard. Riviera must have a questionnaire for prospective buyers.

    Q.1 – were you born a moron?
    Q.2 – are you ignorant of the rules governing speed when close to other vessels, the shore or structures (wharves)?
    Q.3 – do you like ugly boats?
    Q.4 – have you too much money to burn (fuel)?

    If you tick all these boxes please sign sign the sale and purchase agreement.


  4. Left Kawau just after you and had a record quick trip to Tiri so stopped for a walk, swim and lunch then came in with the tide -makes for a calmer trip.


  5. Well done and thank you

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