Auckland Anniversary Day Classic Regatta – Launch Race + Video of Mahurangi Regatta A Division Start

1st Across The Line – Kaikoura

Auckland Anniversary Day Classic Regatta – Launch Drag Race

Monday saw 10 classic launches brave the inner harbour conditions to contest the annual round the bouys, jandal to the floor romp, to see  who has the most slippery haul or deepest pockets (big engine and fuel). There is a handicap system but let’s not kid ourselves – its first across the line that gets the glory. This year Kaikoura claimed the honours. Photos from Nick Davidson onboard his woody – Juanita, parked off the harbour port rounding mark close to Orakei Wharf.
LINE: 1. Kaikoura 2. Fleetwing 3. My Girl HANDICAP: Fleetwing > Kaikoura > Paika > My Girl > Cindy Jane > Callisto > Waikaro > Kumi > Laughing Lady > Shearwater (Full details below)

Some people take this race very seriously, earlier in the week I witnessed Fleetwing’s keel getting the Jenny Craig treatment (LARGE sections removed) and a new prop added 🙂 

Video Footage of the 2022 Mahurangi Regatta A Division Yacht Start

Two Questions

1. What is sail #3445 doing in that stunning line up of classics. Two points (a) its not a classic (b) it pollutes the image

2. Who was calling starting tactics on sail #A11 (Ida) No room at the inn for them. Maybe they also thought 3445 shouldn’t be there and could squeeze them out 🙂

More & Better Photos At The Link Below

Image gallery can be viewed here If you buy a photo, 50% of the profits will be donated back to the regatta to keep making it better each year.

Update 03-02-22 Photo below ex John Wright of Fleetwing closing in on My Girl

20 thoughts on “Auckland Anniversary Day Classic Regatta – Launch Race + Video of Mahurangi Regatta A Division Start

  1. Thank you Murray, different bloke, my Ernie was an old scow master and later fisherman. His eldest son became an uncle of mine. cheers.


  2. Yes, Ernest Beaver was built by Ian Hendren and his wife Jenny? to a Lidgard design about Admirals Cup size, and named after a popular Akarana man who used to always man the starting tower on Orakei wharf , now sadly demolished.


  3. Can anybody tell me about the name -“Ernest Beaver” now “Advantage” please. I have connections to the Ernie Beaver family.


  4. Re the yachts: there is a big division for the Modern Classics, where Advantage and Kailua go at other events…..At Mahurangi it is called mid century modern classics so they are catered for.
    Congrats to the Pollards for their win in the old Fleetthing -running the wake of faster boats is a well known move as we had to two years ago and were caught on film by the Deodar.


  5. And mg had plenty left in the trough too 🙂 nice to have someone new win tho 🙂 And you did do the hard yards to get there. So all credit to you 😉


  6. In any horse race or formula one even, the competitor who leads around the track early most often never wins.
    It all happens on the home straight.
    As was evident on AADRCLR.
    Henry Ford in FW hadn’t even broke into a sweat on the home straight nor did he stretch his legs wide open. Plenty of horse food left in the trough.
    Should have put a bet in at TAB.😂🤣🤣🤣


  7. From where I was, Fleetwing spent the whole race in the calm bit of wake behind My Girl and just popped out at the end after resting the whole race….. horses for courses


  8. Aargh!! It Wasn’t Chad it was the dreaded Land of the Blarney, Mahoney Mob in Tawera doing the last minute bail-out. They also have lots of fun at Mahurangi (Speaking from experience again). Apologies to Chad.

    Booked in to Spec-savers this arvo.


  9. To clarify the keel mods to Fleetwing.
    We removed the addition that had been added to her down in the south island where she was used commercialy.
    So underwater she is now ” as launched”.
    ( that’s something I never say but is sometimes important to some)
    Her hull is nearly 102 years old never been sheathed never been splined.
    Sporting a 68.5 ft paint job and a trade me purchased propellor It’s a fine effort to get 1st on handicap and in reality 1st overall in her ‘age group ” 🤣🤣


  10. Kailua, a Bruce Farr design was launched in 1974 for John Senior, is now 48 years old.
    Advantage a Lidgard 40 was launched as Ernest Beaver in 1977 and is now 45 years old.
    Surely both are old wooden boats for the purposes of a classic regatta.

    I guess if there were more ‘modern classics’, for wont of a better description, that had entered for racing at Mahurangi they would have had their own division.

    They were also unfortunate in that by the time they were built, the Alpha numeric registrations were obsolete. After 1970 no one gave a toss about those boats that had been A’s B’s etc anymore until the misty eyes of Auckland baby-boomers latched on to them.

    As for Ida and Advantage trying to barge on the pin end of start line. This is a no-no in any race, in any decade, A-class or not, so it was nice to see Rawhiti showing no mercy and shutting them both out. I notice Chad doing a weaving last minute bail-out in the background to avoid being over the line. Prize does have fun at Mahurangi doesn’t she ? (speaking from experience).


  11. Fleetwing took the conditions in her stride.
    A suprisingly soft ride.
    Tribute to her 1920 throrobred design.


  12. Advantage and Kailua are both mid century wooden classic NZ yachts so I am surprised that they are in the A class.


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