Classic Woody  Riverhead Hotel Cruise

















Classic Woody  Riverhead Hotel Cruise

Not wanting to sound like a parrot but the CYA has an amazing track record of aceing the weather for its launch cruises to the waterfront Riverhead Hotel. 

The forecast was average, but it just never eventuated & subsequently the boats that made the trip had a great day.  

So cool to have one of our yachties make the trip, that center-board helped 😉

Highlight of the day for me was seeing John Wright’s recently restored launch – Nana. Nana was designed by C. Bailey Jun. &  built by C. Bailey & Sons in 1934. You can view more on Nana’s amazing journey, from rescue to re-launch at this link 

John has one of the best eyes for how a woody should look, the final details on Nana make her look perfect, in my eyes. John, you should have finished the trip & come up to the hotel, I have a WW tee-shirt for you – email me your postal address –

 Also had a peek at the publican’s – Paula & Stephen Pepperell’s 1967 Jorgensen launch -Volantis, that is nearing the end of an extensive re-fit, Stephan is another woody with a great eye for detail.

Below are a collection of photos from the camera of Simon Smith who was perched on the Greenhithe Bridge – they give us another perspective on some of our classics. Pity Simon wasn’t there for the return trip – Raindance & the motor-sailer Korara, were just passing under the bridge, being good woodys, traveling to starboard of a large plastic yacht (a Hanse) that was approaching the bridge – when all of a sudden the yachts bow shot up out of the water & the yacht shot backwards. The reason – you guessed it – mast hit the bridge (photo of dent to the bridge, below) luckily they were travelling slow, any faster & they might have lost the mast. I suspect there was a change of undies needed for the crew.


Raindance & Nana











Upper Harbour ‘V’s’ Yacht Oops


HDML – Kuparu – P3563 Looking Rather Smart






5 thoughts on “Classic Woody  Riverhead Hotel Cruise

  1. Hi Al, I appreciate where your coming from. That flybridge roof was put on by previous owner. Was going to take it off, but it works bloody well. Yes its tacked on, due to having to take off to transport by road. Yes it needs an upgrade. But I have done a shite load of work to save her from the scrap heap. Take a look at her facebook page under HDML Kuparu.
    I do love the look of them as original, and that she is except the flybridge roof. But Time and money is not on my side, along with alot of boats.
    I AM going to keep a covered flybridge, but have not seen a good design yet to rebuild it. If anyone can help me with a good design…to have it on not removed, it would be appreciated.
    I suffer from skin cancers, lost my wife to Cancer. Love boating, so need to kep out of the sun when I can.


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  3. More than one mast has gone down not quite making it under the Greenhithe bridge, including one on its sea trial under the command of a y***t b****r who thought because it was heeled it didn’t need to use the main arch. The bridge caused a calm spot, the yacht straightened up, the mast jammed against the bridge, and they had to drop it to get the boat out. 🙂
    The skipper of that Hanse was very lucky not to wear his rig. If I were him I’d be getting a rigger to thoroughly check the whole rig, including the mast step, and having a close look at the hull in that area too!


  4. Re: “HDML – Kuparu – P3563 Looking Rather Smart”
    I served my apprenticeship at the RNZN Dockyard way back when we repaired and maintained the HDML’s. I have to take exception to your statement “looking rather smart”, I think a fitting notation would be one that you use often “Take a chain saw the the block of flats” would be more appropriate. The rest of the hull and superstructure seem to be well looked after, but I think the refit should have had a naval architect draw up the lines for the “Block of flats” that have been added, to give the hull a more aesthetic naval look.
    Just my $0.02 worth.

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