The Launching of Lady Ellen




I have just finished a big few days -Wed>Friday helped Jamie Hudson take Lady Crossley to her summer home in the Bay of Islands and then on Saturday attended a day of celebrations to mark the re-launch of the magnificent Supreme Craft launch – Lady Ellen. Thanks to owner Bruce Mitchinson sending in regular update reports, the restoration of this woody would have to be the best documented project on the waitematawoodys website – refer links below.
The day started with Lady Ellen being transported to the Opua launching ramp, with grey skies and a forecast of rain, no time was wasted getting her back into the water. Hopefully it’s a good omen that the rain held off until Lady Ellen slipped her lines for the trip to her berth just off the Russell Boating Club. Owners Bruce and Annabel were joined by friends and family for lunch and good chat. On a personal note it was great to meet a lot of WW followers and put a face to the names.
Bruce’s list of people to thank was very long – some very talented folk have rubbed up against Lady Ellen during the last 4 years. The master craftsman / boatbuilder Brett Avery was singled out for special recognition – in return he thanked Bruce and Annabel for their vision, faith and tenacity thru-out the restoration.
A special thanks to Hylton Edmonds who assisted with the launching and provided the ‘underway’ photos and impressive video footage of Lady Ellen motoring to Russell.
Lastingly – I have not been to Russell in way too long – what a cool destination, the retailers lightened my wallet + dinner at The Duke of Marlborough on Saturday night was a 9/10 – great venue, great sunset and nice people (Margo & Jamie Hudson + myself & Robyn)
Links Below To The Restoration  – including engine
Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 5.17.47 PM
The venue for the post launch celebration was the world famous, well at least in NZ 🙂 , Russell Boating Club. The club also hosts the truely world famous – Tall Ships Race in January each year.
Now they are a wee problem – its sinking – not sure if its burying its self into the mud or its rising sea levels – either way as you will see in the photo below urgent action is needed.
The club is funding raising to re-pile and need $40,000 – so they have set up a donation page – link below. Good news is they are 1/2 way there. So if you are feeling generous this xmas, donate a few dollars to help out 🙂


25-08-2020 UPDATE Dean Wright spotted LE back in the the BOI (for winter I assume) and took the photos below 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Launching of Lady Ellen

  1. Lady Ellen came back to the Bay of Islands before lockdown and has been on her mooring, here, since then.
    At the time I did not know that we would not be allowed to go boating, however, it was good to be able to keep an eye on her from the shore, and now we are out on the water whenever the wind gets below 10kn.
    Clocked up 670nm since launching back in December.
    Plan at this stage is to stay here for now and be down at Bayswater for Americas Cup
    Dean caught us on camera last Saturday as we passed by each other at Kent Passage


  2. Nice finishing touch with the ‘Supreme Craft’ flag and Bruce having it facing the right way.
    Certainly was a Grand day for all.


  3. Absolutely magnificent (If you like that kind of boat) Congratulations to Bruce, Annabel and all who worked on her. Mr. McGEADY would be very proud – as are you Karen. May we see many more projects like this.


  4. Thanks Alan, it was great to have you along for the celebrations. The Bay of Islands is a magic place, for sure, and we welcome more woodys to venture north and hang out with us. We are only half a mile south of the Russell Boat Club, down in Orongo Bay. Ph number in the CYA register so call us up if you are close by and need some shore leave.


  5. The re-launching of Lady Ellen was an emotional time for both Mum and I never having been to a McGeady boat launching. Grandad would’ve been we feel so proud with the eye for detail to keep the boat original. We thank Bruce and Annabel and everyone involved for such a special day.


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