Dolphyn – Sailing Sunday


Out of water

DOLPHYN – Sailing Sunday

During the week I was contacted by Joe Pallante who along with his partner has just purchased the 34’Don Brooke designed yacht Dolphyn. Other than the length, possible build date of c.1970 and designer Joe knows very little about the yacht. Via the comments section on WW Robert Brooke has kindly ‘pointed’ Joe in the direction of brother Don.
The yacht was purchased off a Canadian gent and is moored in Shoal Bay, Auckland.
Can anyone help Joe out with some history on the vessel?
LADY ELLEN – Re-Launching
Have spent the weekend in Russell for the re-launch of Bruce Mitchinson’s 1950’s Supreme Craft – Lady Ellen – check out tomorrows WW story to view the action. Stunning weekend in the bay.
Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 6.53.39 AM

4 thoughts on “Dolphyn – Sailing Sunday

  1. I think I saw this yacht under construction. Don Brooke was operating his brokerage out of an old petrol station on Jervois Rd. We called in there Sept/Oct 1971 when Don was showing us various launches and there was a 34′ yacht under construction by Don (and others?) in the old workshop, was at the closed in stage when we saw it.


  2. Dolphyn, Sail number 1486 appears in 1973, registered to W.A. Thode of Auckland as being designed by ‘Brooke’ and she also appears on the Register of Royal Akarana Yacht Club for the 1973/74 Season.
    She remains registered to Thode right up until 1987 when, following a purge of lapsed registrations, she is listed as “no Reg” and remained that way right up to 1999 when YNZ ceased publication of the NZ Yacht register.

    Currently she is listed as ‘Registered’ on the YNZ Website, but no further details are given.

    Her precise build and launch dates are obscure because many owners (if they had just purchased hull and decks) registered their boats before they had finished them off. Sometimes if the project languished in the back yard, this was YEARS before their boat actually hit the water.

    Dolphyn doesn’t appear in the 1969/70, 1970/71, or 1971/72 NZYF registers and I’m missing 1972/73 but she is definitely there ‘on paper’ at least in 1973/74. Looking at the pattern of numbers as they have been allocated, 1972 seems a likely ‘Registration date’

    Hopefully, Don can furnish some more details of builder and possible confirmed launch date.


  3. The hull is very reminiscent of a Van de Stadt , but the windows are Don Brooke , I am sure that he will fill in the details.


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