Urquharts Bay Woodys


Urquharts Bay Woodys

Heading north to Russell aboard Lady Crossley we overnighted in Urquharts Bay, just inside Whangarei Heads.
Spotted the above woodys at anchor. Can anyone tell us more about the launch – Poronui, there is an interesting mix of styles on display.
16-12-2019 Update: Check out the comments section – lots of details added 
More on the trip next week. Photo below leaving Whangarei at 5.30am – the best time to travel 😉 The Australian fires making a quest appearance in the photo.

6 thoughts on “Urquharts Bay Woodys

  1. Input from Joanne Fraser
    Charlotte Rose was built by an old gentleman on his corner section in Papatoetoe with a box cabin as a fishing vessel, unnamed. She sat there for many years on a cradle before my dad and uncle decided to buy her around 1979. It was transported to my uncle’s home in Papakura where they removed the box cabin and rebuilt a modern cabin with sleeping area, kitchen and dining, the inboard engine cover being the dining table. My grandparents, myself, Mum and stepsisters all worked on the boat either with carpentry, sanding and painting. My grandmother was an expert seamstress and made all the curtains and squab covers.
    Dad had named his previous boats after 2 of his daughters and my uncle was adamant that this was not going to happen with their 24 foot launch. Both loved watching the TV series “Onedin Line” where the main character named his ship Charlotte Rhodes after his daughter. They changed it to Charlotte Rose and that she remains.
    Have plenty of stories including her breaking moorings in Maraetai during a fierce storm in 1981, and Dad being phoned to say she was on the rocks at Rangitoto Island.
    Dad and my uncle have both passed and would have been delighted she is still loved and sailing. So grateful to my other uncle for finding this on your site. Any other details, dates or info I would be happy to supply.


  2. The photo of the older single shear launch is “Manaaki”, 1 of 4 boats Zane Grey had built by Collings & Bell (to the concave/convex design) after “falling in love” with Alma G (Earnie Arlidge – Francis and Mervyn’s Father) and Avalon (Peter Williams)

    The other 3 of that stable were Lorna Doone (sadly broke away and was wrecked at the entrance to Whangaroa in the mid to late 70’s?), Otehei and Zane Grey (mostly remembered as Alma G II when renamed by then next owners – Arlidge’s from the mid/late 30’s and back to original name in the 1980’s).

    A fuller account by Harold Kidd is on WW’s refer Otehei, or Alma G or Avalon.


  3. Owned by Jim and Sheryl Dennerly for a number of years.
    If i remember correctly Jim took her to the islands for a few years doing sportsfishing.
    She used to have a “tauranga stern” and fishing outriggers, game chair etc.


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