Lady Ellen

LADY ELLEN (Mystery Launch 25-06-2015)
photo ex Jason Prew

At the recent CYA visit to Chris McMullen’s workshop, Jason & crew arrived in the Tino Rawa Trust 1902 Logan Bros. day boat Otira (below).

On route Jason photographed some of the wooden boats moored on the Tamaki River – an amazing number of craft.
Can anyone ID todays launch & provide details on her?

Update from Shane Billingham – She is Lady Ellen , is on dads wharf, unfortunately in bit of a sad state.  Was owned by my grandad (Harry Collard) for years (from 60’s? would need to check with mum).  Now owned by Ian collard since early 1990ish, unfortunately deteriorating.

Otira- 1902 Logan Bros

Otira- 1902 Logan Bros

21-11-2016 Ken Ricketts has been digging into Lady Ellen’s past in regard to the boats original name & existence of an axillary engine. See below.

Input from Ian Richards (grandson of the second owner) edited by Alan H

“Lady Ellen was renamed after my grandmother, it was granddad who had named it after his wife Ellen who was JR’s mother. I do not know the original name of the boat but will see if I can find anything out.”

Input from Cameron Collard (son of present owner – Ian Collard) edited by Alan H

“My Grandfather Harry Collard brought Lady Ellen in c.1962.  I think  (his original log books are still on the boat so all the details are there) from Mr Richards. I was told Mr Richards renamed the boat after his wife Ellen. Also told it was taken to Fiji by one of the previous owners – has second log for an axillary engine and mountings for forward tanks however both had been removed by 1962. In the 70’s the fore deck was re-canvassed and then a few years later the cabin top was glassed both done by Lanes. In 1985 the 96Hp 6 cylinder Lees Ford was replaced with a 135HP Lees Marine Ford.
After my grandfather passed my father purchased the boat in 1990. My father has been overseas for the last 5 years, hence the present condition.”

Update – 26-04-2017 ex Ken Ricketts


21 thoughts on “Lady Ellen

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  4. Ken, Still in Auckland and planning to head north within the next couple of weeks, and in calm conditions. Bill Mitchinson is coming with me as crew. Working with the boat builder at the moment to plan the first round of work, which will be done in Russell. Back to brightwork up top again.


  5. Fantastic, — Am sure she will now get the much needed TLC that she needs & deserves, but it must still be sad to see her go out of the family of which she has been a part, for so many years, for that family. Wonder if he’s sailing her up to the B.O.I. or having some TLC done down here first? — KEN R


  6. The Lady Ellen has been sold to Bruce Mitchinson of Russell. She served 5 generations of the Collard family well for 55 years.


  7. Hi Shane, would you happen to have any photos or information about her? I’d love to add it to Granddad’s history I’m collating. My email:
    With thanks, Karen 😃


  8. I Have a call in to my late friend John Richards who’s widow also still a dear friend, to see if she has any pics of LADY ELLEN, but unfortunately I think she is overseas for about 4 weeks so there could be a delay. — KEN R


  9. Yes, a sad state indeed 😥. Any info and/or any other pics on her would be gratefully received. Would be great to have a run down on her history. 😃


  10. She is Lady Ellen , is on dads wharf, unfortunately in bit of a sad state. Was owned by my grandad (Harry Collard) for years (from 60’s? would need to check with mum). Now own owned by Ian collard since early 1990ish unfortunately deteriorating.

    Cheers Shane b


  11. I have the 36ft LADY ELLEN being built c1950 for Gordon Piercey, later sold to J A Richards; first engine a 4 cyl Ailsa Craig 40hp later a Ford 6 cyl diesel but, since most of that info came from KR some years ago, it might be subject to a degree of flexibility, shall we say?


  12. Whether she is or isn’t Lady Ellen, what year was Lady Ellen built, what size and do we know who she was built for?


  13. I don’t think she’s LADY ELLEN, she’s too long, the front end of main cabin is set too far back from the bow, & I think she was built after the LADY ELLEN era, by her styling, but there is little doubt she is a McGeady — but which one? — Will have to look through my McGeady photo collection. — KEN R


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