Lady Ellen Restoration – July Update

Today is a first, no photos just videos, shot and narrated by Lady Ellen’s owner Bruce Mitchinson, I have to say its a great format for getting a status report on the progress of the restoration – very impressed Bruce 🙂
I’ll let Bruce tell us what’s been happening
“Visit to the boatyard, in Russell, end of july, to check on progress, and start the motor – new valves, rings, injectors, sump, bell housing, number 2 piston and con rod, so we thought it would be no trouble.
after cranking the thing over in the space of a couple of hours, bleeding lines, and trying all sorts, we gave up. It fired up for 4 seconds and we shut it down as the oil pressure was not up, after that we had oil pressure cranking on the starter, but it wouldn’t kick.
Fuel pressure at the injector pump looked pretty weak on all cylinders but number 3, and we thought that we would have to send the pump off to the doctors to get it looked at.
One last go yesterday [7th august] and armed with a new battery, some optimism, and a threatening looking sledge hammer, we had success!
Woodys – I’m interested in your feed back he being able to view the videos – if you are unable, can you drop me an email (link below) I’m keen to ensure everyone can view them 🙂
UPDATE – OPEN THE COMMENTS SECTION IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS VIEWING –  for some reason they will load there but not in the main body of the story.
WCW Riverhead2019
Another clinker joined the fleet yesterday…………… thats 4, but who’s counting (other than the wife)


8 thoughts on “Lady Ellen Restoration – July Update

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  2. Where are you finding these clinkers!? I have been keeping my eye on trademe and they are very few and far between.


  3. Wonderful post & videos — they are obviously the way to go. Fabulous professional videos & workmanship Bruce, she will look stunning when back in the water.–

    What a finish you’ve got on the hull, — amazing!!!

    I presume you shave looking in to it for your necessary refection each morning.

    Have sent your links on todays post, to our dear friend Sandy Richards the widow of my dear late friend, John Richards, after who’s mother she was named, all those years ago, as I know she will get great thrill out of them as I have. I know John also will be up there smiling, at the amazing job you are doing Bruce, in bringing her back to even better than original — KEN R


  4. Great way to update a project has got me thinking on mine .. sitting here in Macau the upload was smooth and no drag delay .. congrats to all ..


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