Lolita > Wondabyne



I uncovered the stunning photo above of Lolita in amongst Andy Donovan’s collection of photos from back in his boat broking days.
Back in June 2015 we uncovered that Lolita was probably Wondabyne. The original WW photos came to us from Colin Pawson, whose grandfather – Charles Pawson owned her in c.1924.
Thanks to numerous WW followers, lead by HDK we peeled back the years to confirm that we were looking at the same boat.
The link below will take you to the 2015 story, lots of photos + make sure you read the Comments section(bottom > top)
On the back of the Donavan photo it states that Lolita was built by R Lang 24 yrs ago, from full length kauri. Her specs were 31’9” x 8’9” beam, with a 3’ draft.
Power was via a Continental F.W.C. 6 cylinder 30hp engine that gave her 7-8 knots. Twin cabins, full headroom. Hard to read but it also said it would do Auckland > Whakatane in 23.5 hours – would that be right?
The asking price was £1,000
Sad photo below from 2008, ex Andrew Pollard of Lotita in Opua in the Bay of Island. Can anyone give as an update on her status?
Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 11.07.55 PM
WCW Riverhead2019

3 thoughts on “Lolita > Wondabyne

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  2. A note for Tim Hanna, there is another that is searching for a saviour and wonderful companion saviours in George and Pam at Whangateau Traditional Boats, the Margaret S, look her up on WW under Marne or Margaret S same boat. But I agree they need saving ,cheers Martin


  3. It seems to me that boats like Lolita deserve recognition as cultural icons deserving of some access to public and private sector funding to assist in their preservation. Perhaps this would help in attracting more folk to become involved. Such recognition could be expressed additionally in access to affordable moorings in places where the public can enjoy seeing them – and so on. The NZ kauri from which they were built will never be available again and to have these boats rot is therefore doubly tragic.


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