An Update on the Lady Ellen Restoration



An Update on Lady Ellen’ Restoration

I have just received an update from Bruce Mitchinson that details the amazing work being undertaken on Lady Ellen – My comment to Bruce was the she was a very lucky lady – not many launches get this amount to TLC – I’ll let Bruce tell you about the work. Photos below:

“Bilge cleanup done and engine beds re-built to remove rotten sections. New laminated floor at the back to help spread the load of the engine and gearbox, where there was very little support previously. Damaged frame ends removed and new laminated sections spliced in, to run continuous across the keelson. Foredeck re-fastened and fibreglassed to make watertight and to take out the springiness. Bulkhead linings all stripped and new plywood lining has been pre-primed and undercoated ready for installation next week. Rod steering system has been modified, using all the existing components, so that all the workings now sit below the floor, and the wheel lowered to suit the new steering position. New fuel tank beds are being fitted to support the new tanks. Only another 250 copper nails and rooves to replace and we can start painting the inside of the hull.”

You can see & read details on the past work here

3 thoughts on “An Update on the Lady Ellen Restoration

  1. Thanks Ken
    The engine beds are about 1.8m long and sit across about 9 frames to spread the load. They lock into the bulkhead forward and were checked into a floor at the back, where they tapered off to only 120mm high. I guess that the original engine sat in there OK and was much lighter than the 6 cyl Ford, with hydraulic box and Lees 2:1 gear hanging off the back, that has been in the boat since the 80’s. Yep, it never fell out the bottom but the boat did feel a bit soft, and there was a bit of vibration with a some load on. My boat builder is a lot happier with the set up now, and I wont be so anxious when I go past 1200rpm. Bruce


  2. How wonderful to see her getting what she so richly deserves — FANTASITIC JOB BRUCE!!– She is certainly one of Mac’s really good boats & as I knew her & her early owners so very well, they will be looking down & smiling I’m sure.
    Am a little surprised at the shortness of her engine beds — Mac usually made them longer than that, however the engine did not fall out the bottom, so must be all ok. — KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK BRUCE. — ken r


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