Yesterday there was some confusion around vessels with name/s – Kaiwaka / Kaiwhaka, thanks to Harold Kidd this has been resolved & today’s story is on the seine boat named Kaiwaka.

Kaiwaka was launched with a 36hp 3 cylinder National diesel and went to Fiji for towing in 1942 as W54. Her length is 45’ & she is most likely the boat that Colin Silby did the recent restoration work on (featured above in Andy Winters photos).

Andy Winter (The Engine Room) has advised that she is owned by Vianney Jones & is powered by a magnificent 8 cyl Gardner – photos below.

What more can we uncover on her?



23-02-2018. Pre-restoration photos ex Colin Silby. I have to say that this was one major project well done Colin & also the owner Vinney Jones for having the vision & deep pockets 🙂




7 thoughts on “Kaiwaka

  1. John King bought her from Fletchers and fished her under the name of Kaiwaka Fishing Co Ltd.John sold his 1/2 with Co and later years I sold her to Vinny.


  2. Just come across this old post whilst looking through my old negative library, I’ll enclose a couple of pictures taken up north in about 2000 of the original “Kaiwaka” as described in another post under Kaiwhaka, not according to her nameplate. I will email these to Allan as I can not add them here.


  3. My understanding is that she is 1950. If you see her out there you are welcome aboard . It has been one major project which unfortunately my husband Warwick never saw in the water due to his passing in 2016 Warwick also had Ariki a 1904 A class gaff rigged yacht which he also undertook a major restoration on with two mates


  4. excellent sea going vessel worked her 80s to 91 for Nick Basden and Fletchers {as Owner]
    Great to see her again ,yes she was built in 52 by Lidgards.
    John King.


  5. Correction .This Kaiwaka was built in 1953 by Lidard Bros for Kia Ora Fisheries. She was a spec boat and when Joe Cole wanted to place an order with Theo Lowe and Theo did not want to meet with him he walked down the road and bought her from Lidgards on the same day. Jack Taylor was a witness to this event. Her first engine was a 6L3 Gardner and from memory her first skipper was Gordon Owens. She has and OAL close to 50 ‘. The other boat mentioned must be another one.


  6. This is the boat run by Jim & Gordon Owens in the 1950s & 60s from which they caught a lot of fish & were very successful — family friends — KEN R


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