Lady Ellen Restoration – Report 3

Lady Ellen Restoration – Report 3 
I have just received in the latest update from Bruce Mitchinson on Lady Ellen’s restoration – As previous,  I’ll let Bruce tell you about the work.

“Skim coat done to topsides and foredeck, bottom sanded ready for the same.

Looking sleek again now you can pick up the waterline.

Duckboard extended by 250mm and reattached, beltings and toe rails are about to go back on.
Rudder assembly is back together on new bearings and rudder tube, and the propeller strut is being fitted this week so we can bolt it up while we have easy access, and then continue with the cockpit fit out.
Demolition complete downstairs in the head and the sleeping quarters and I am scraping paint and cleaning up oil soaked planking and frames so I can continue with the white paint to the inside of the hull.
Fortunately it gets narrower up this end and so there is less area to paint.
Engine bay looks much tidier after getting the treatment, just need the engine and fuel tanks to go in so we can start setting up all of the other equipment that lives in here.”
Eggemoggin Reach Regatta – WoodenBoat magazine take a cruise thru the anchorage
A great video (link below) spotting some very nice woodys at anchor, shades of our own Mahurangi Regatta 😉




The winner of a copy of the new John Brooke book is Micheal O’Dwyer (classic yacht Janet). Robert Brooke kindly donated 2 copies of the book, so I have decided to give the 2nd copy to Graeme Finch , you submitted the best reply / entry. Well do guys. I email you for your postal address. Remember its available at Boat Books in Westhaven & on-line at the BB website.

6 thoughts on “Lady Ellen Restoration – Report 3

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  2. First round of longboarding complete, just a few bumps and hollows to take care of and we are done. Foredeck all finished. Working on the cabin top now, filling and sanding ready for another layer of fibreglass.


  3. Bob, the bolts and washers in the picture are stainless steel. The tops of the existing kauri engine beds had rotted, where fresh water had got in between some packers that had been fitted to raise the current engine. Probably something to do with the 2″ drivetrain offset on the Lees reduction gears. Packers were removed and the tops of the beds cut down to remove rot. New hardwood has been glue laminated to bring them back up to the right level, and the bolts are extra to clamp it all together, there are matching nuts and washers on the underside of the engine beds. The engine beds check into a bulkhead forward and a floor frame aft and lay across the ribs inbetweeen [not fastened to them] leaving a gap underneath to the hull planking. Any bolt fixings through the hull have all gone back in copper, with new bronze nuts and washers. It is interesting that most of the copper has come out mint, while the old nuts and washers, which look like they may have been brass, just crumble away.


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