Sybil II




Cameron Pollard sent in the above photos of the 1910 Bailey & Lowe launch Sybil II. Cameron has owned her since 2004 & recently moved her from Westmere to “a yard out south”.
The b/w photos below (ex classicboatNZ) show her on launch day in December 1910 & underway with a crowd on-board.
The ‘colour’ photo is from when she was owned by the Parry Brothers.
Cameron has assured me that he will get her back in water before he clicks his clog for the last time.
What more do me know about Sybil II?

3 thoughts on “Sybil II

  1. The coloured photo of Sybil II was taken either late 1960 or early 1961. Immediately behind is the ferry Ngoiro, astern of her is Makora which had her jack staffs, removed early 1961and repositioned behind the wheel houses. Behind Ngoiro is The Peregrine having had her engines and funnel taken out in 1960. The short funnel behind The Peregrine belongs to Korea.


  2. I think that the colour photo was well after Parry’s had sold her. She went crayfishing for a while. I last saw her on Julian’s wall early 90’s before they fancified the Basin


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