MY GIRL and PACIFIC Relaunched – 60+ Wooden Boat Photos













MY GIRL and PACIFIC Relaunched – 60+ Wooden Boat Photos

Big day on Saturday in the woody world, we had the launching of Pacific & My Girl. Pacific is a 1917 Joe Slattery designed & built launch, owned by Nathan Herbert, & has been out all winter at Milford Crusing Club’s yard getting a major over-haul – hats off to Nathan, Pacific is a stunner, the perfect choice & mix of colours & varnish. It has been a long winter but from the smiles on everyones face, dock-side, it was all worth it. This WW link will give you a peek at what she used to look like.
Well done Nathan & Steven + a big cast of helpers thru-out the project.
Second splash was Jason Prew’s – 1925, Dick Lang built ‘My Girl’, also re-launched at MCC. Jason’s re-build of My Girl has been a very long 4 years, mostly out of sight in a cold (& sometimes wet) commercial storage yard. My Girl arrived at MCC approx. 6 weeks ago for the final touches. Some of NZ’s most respected woodys were shaking their heads when Jason bought My Girl, she was so close to being a BeeHive (box of matches) restoration, but Jason has a track record of bring woodys back from the dead & that he did with My Girl. This link will show you what he started with
To see more of the project – check out his weblog.
Post launching, I managed to score an invite to go for a blast on My Girl, she is fast (my lips are sealed) but I expected that, what really impressed my was the ride – very smooth. The question of the day was – are classic woodys allowed trim tabs 🙂 I seem to recall James Mobberley had some ‘additions’ on Falcon…………..
Remember click on photos to enlarge 😉
Video footage of My Girl with the throttle open 🙂
Video & photos below ex Nathan Herbert 
Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 4.42.21 AM
Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 4.42.48 AM

11 thoughts on “MY GIRL and PACIFIC Relaunched – 60+ Wooden Boat Photos

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  2. Thanks for the many photos Houghty – the vid of My Girl cruising past is magnificent.
    Well done all involved.


  3. Don’t they both look absolutely stunning & such a great credit to the patience & dedication of both owners, — & MY GIRL — how dainty she is under way ssssoooo beautiful (& fast) — KEN R


  4. Have regularly read Jason’s blog through the long process of restoring My Girl. It is a tale of hard work and real passion combined with some fantastic boatbuilding skills. The result really speaks for itself and is a credit to him. Will watch with envy as he blasts past at 18knots!!

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  5. If trim tabs allow a bit more speed to be wrung out of the old girls then why not bolt them on.


  6. Are classic woodys allowed trim tabs? Are classic woodys allowed modern engines?
    The answers are obvious.


  7. Thanks Alan for the very clear photos and the videos. Brilliant effort from the restorers, a credit to woody dedication.


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