Lady Joan

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A Sad End to Lady Joan
Lady Joan has appeared on WW before (link below + photo at end of story), at the time it was hoped that she would be restored, unfortunately that didn’t happen & now she is looking like be a scrapped for parts. Thanks to T Foh who spotted her tucked away on trademe in the motors/boots-marine/parts-accessories/other section. How was anyone ever going to find her there 🙂
There is a lot of chat on the previous WW story as to her possible provenance, read & you decide.
So Woodys, if you are looking for some low cost fitting, check out the trademe listing

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Lady Joan below in WWII livery. Photo ex Ken Ricketts
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Make Sure You Check In On Monday – 2 Lovely Ladies Dip Their Toes In The Brinny

A tease below – from Friday night at Milford Cruising Club slip, before I got distracted in Geoff Bagnall’s ‘lunch’ room 😉




5 thoughts on “Lady Joan

  1. Nath. I mean it in the nicest way and when I find the project boat of my dreams will happily include myself as an Idjit. My ex knew used to remind me of it all the time, now I have 1/2 a house to spend on a project and am sure it will take most of it …


  2. They will be roasting sausages over her ashes soon, there is a darned sight more “project ” boats than idjits prepared to pour in the money and time to rebuild them. I don’t know where some people get their ideas of a boats value. Past glories do not reflect today’s realities …. I have seen plenty of candidates in my search for a project but when you add the expected asking price on to the relocation and resto costs they just dont stackup and people get left with a 30′ BBQ. Its so sad..


  3. 10K? For that?” Mate ya dreamin”…. might have to pay to have it removed would be a little more realistic


  4. Dreamers re: fittings for sale. Engine is the only thing worth selling, and shouldn’t be separated from the loom and instrument cluster surely? Autopilot may be worth something but only as a clean set. Give the rest away


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