Wairoa River / Clevedon Drive By Tour

Wairoa River / Clevedon Drive By Tour

On the weekends Woodys Classic Weekend cruise to the Clevedon Cruising Club I had the services of a cabin boy (relax, he’s my neibour) so I handed the wheel to him for most of the trip up the river. This freed me up to snap some of the moored wooden craft, I’m sure a few might be f/glass or even steel – but still an amazing collection ’semi-hidden’ away, that us Auckland marina dwellers never see.

Enjoy the tour. AND make sure you check out the last photo below – seems the CYA A Class skippers have been playing bumper boats again.

Seems the CYA Classic A Class Fleet Are Playing Crash & Bash Again

One of the classic launch owners returning to their berth in Westhaven from the weekends Woodys Clevedon cruise – spotted a wee hole in Little Jim. Comment was it had the dimensions of a bow-sprite. 

Fingers crossed the culprit has good insurance………… A review of the RNZYS results page for Saturdays racing shows two classics with a DNF alongside their names – being Little Jim and Rawene, chances are that tells you the other vessel.

Things like this probably contribute to why only approx. 6% of the CYA classic yacht fleet race (outside of one-off events like the Mahurangi Regatta) their craft. Too much testosterone is a bad thing with a car steering wheel or yacht tiller in your hand – then again maybe it was too much oestrogen this time?

1 thought on “Wairoa River / Clevedon Drive By Tour

  1. The “Capella” is an Alden design, built (IIRC) by Roger Carey. The second keeler, with the blue sheerstrake and sail covers is an American boat, GRP and I think built in Taiwan.
    Next down, the launch with the upswept waterline is, I think, a Mainship; American again and GRP. The keeler further down looks to be a Camelot and almost certainly built of the “other GRP” – Ground-up Rocks & Pebbles, aka ferro.
    The red fishing boat style launch is probably steel, or, as I think of it “laminated rust”.
    As for the trimaranthing in the last pic………..!! NOT an offshore cruiser 🙂 About the only positives are that the gottage is probably quite spacious, and at least she has a dog on board.


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