Beaulieu River Wooden Boat Gathering

Beaulieu River Wooden Boat Gathering
Today we join the crew over at classic yachtTV when they attended the Beaulieu River Wooden Boat Association get-together at Buckler’s Hard, UK.

It is a great read with stunning photos and words from the very talented Emily Harris. Clicking on most photos will enlarge them. Enjoy 🙂
Hopefully a lot of you will be afloat today enjoying the public holiday.


2 thoughts on “Beaulieu River Wooden Boat Gathering

  1. For those who have not had the luck of visiting there on the Beaulieu River or even knowing the place exists, go onto You Tube and dial up “Tom Cunliffe revisits his old haunts at Bucklers Hard”.

    Tom C is one of Britain’s best known yachtsman and a regular columnist in Classic Boat Magazine and has one of the best and easiest manners of delivery both in written and verbal form. Check out his visit to HDML Medusa [c/w Gardner’s Cameron!] on another You Tube clip of his.

    In this clip, Tom interviews his friend Mary Montagu whose family still own Bucklers Hard (along with the 9000 acre Beaulieu Estate!) the most historic of maritime areas , in a quick but in-depth insight to an amazing place of events and well known history changing built sailing ships.

    John W is right, it really is a fascinating place, Lord Beaulieu’s car collection isn’t too bad either…


  2. Buckler’s Hard, not Buckets. Been there, sadly not during an event like that, but a fascinating place just the same.

    oops – fixed


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