Woodys at Kawau Island


Woodys at Kawau Island

The above photo of Kawau Island is ex Lew Redwoood via the facebook page ’New Zealand Cars,Boats,Motorbikes,Trucks,Vans,Utes,Pre 1975′  -the photo is tagged ‘ Pleasure craft at anchor in Mansion House Bay. 

How many woodys can we ID?, I know Nathan Herbert was a little excited to see the family launch Pacific in the shot (top right).

If you are on facebook – you should ‘follow’ this page, there are some very cool old woody photos that pop up from time to time.

Aussie Boat Porn

I have featured several times The Australian Wooden Boat Festival that happens very 2 years in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The video below is a 100% publicity video for Tasmania & the event – but dam its good. Have look, you’ll be blown away by the number of stunning woodys. Thanks to the USA based on-line membership only video website –  offcenterharbour.com for making the video available. Its a great site, I’m a member.


8 thoughts on “Woodys at Kawau Island

  1. Yes, a walk back in time, for both of us, & yes, we possibly were taking a walk to Ladies Bay with friends, — (probably including some young ladies of the day), — for a dip.
    LADYSANDRA had the perspex dome fitted above the downstairs helm position, very early in her life, as Len Peckham could not see where he was going, as she had such a low profile bridgedeck & of course that overcame the problem.
    The image I took of her posted on woodys on 15th April 2013 shows it & she was nearly new when I took that.
    That awful box was not fitted until she was bought by the Cleaves.
    Frank Pigeon of course owned a house In Sunny Bay next door to Mansion House Bay, & kept the little c26-28 foot boat, — (which was quite quick), — shown in todays image, on a mooring in that bay, when he was there at least.
    I am very confident that the image subject of today’s post was taken in the 50s — KEN R.


  2. I can remember going there on laberweekend there was boats every were it was so much fun dont know if they still do it


  3. I’ll bow to your judgement, Ken. Lady Sandra alongside the wharf -note the original configuration of the flying bridge so its pre-box. There was fuel and water at the wharf and maybe they are filling up. The Snake Pit would have been in full but subtle song. Valsan outboard with Arnold Baldwin in his white ducks and peaked cap (must have been an important day).
    They are getting concerned about the situe astern -lots of people looking in that direction. Maybe Arnold is going below to start engines to get out of there. Where were we in the picture, Ken? Walking with friends to Lady’s Bay for a swim wonder what she’s doing now…… I’d have said it was early ’60s -When was Sandra’s clip on done? Nice without the cookie cutter tupperwares and look at the clinker dinks! Happy daze.


  4. I can’t name the small chine launch right foreground, the rest yip. Linda in distance stern- on?

    Can’t name the yotts though


  5. OK — here we go –Bottom left partly out of image, is LADY SANDRA, with VALSAN tied to her, behind her, stern quarter view, is REREMOANA, with LADY JOAN side on, but partly obscured by REREMOANA, with LADY CLAIR behind LADY LOAN with a person standing on the bow, & Frank Pigeons boat — (of which I have forgotten the name), built for him by Fred Lidgard, with Frank P., poking his head out of the hatch probably, in the lower RH corner,PACIFIC is top RH side of image, — others too far away to identify. — Probably taken c earlyish 1950s — KEN R


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