The Mighty P Class – Sailing Sunday

THE MIGHTY P CLASS – Sailing Sunday
ex Yachting NZ

A pictorial history of New Zealand’s mighty P Class yacht

Whilst trolling around the Wellington Classic Yacht Trust facebook page I uncovered the above gem that utilizes the two formats of a slide show and video clips to showcase the history New Zealand’s mighty P-Class featuring images and footage from the 1920s to 2013.
The clip has been assembled by P Class expert and historian Gun Caundle, from photos collected while researching for his book ‘Our Secret Weapon’, a history and stories about the P Class. While 15 minutes long its great viewing & I’m sure most woodys will bothe relate to it & probably recognize some of the people featured. Enjoy 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Mighty P Class – Sailing Sunday

  1. Wonderful nostalgic video. Could the shot of Jimmy Gilpin be the son of Betty & Ted Gilpin?(Oliver & Gilpin) Ted was Willie Oliver’s son in law.
    Interesting to see the Marconi Rig appearing in the1970’s


  2. Great video, Gun. Some real character building activities going on here! Judith Le Clerc Wallalth H11


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