2016 Floating Bach Award Finalist


Would this be a Finalist for the 2016 Floating Bach Award?

Regular ww readers will have heard me talk about the growing interest in the ownership of classic wooden launches & how I have tagged it the Floating Bach trend. Well yesterday Scott Taylor having just returned from a holiday at Lake Waikaremoana* sent me some boating photos. One of which (Rawene, above) would have to be the epitome of that tag, complete with poop deck 🙂

Interested to learn more on the other woodys below (Safari, Camaron, Rawene) & get some details on their past & how they ended up at the lake + there are a couple of plastic Logans that I’d be keen to name.



Note: for the overseas ww followers – Lake Waikaremoana is situated in the Te Urewera National Park, in the North Island of NZ. Some spectacular walks & just wow scenery. A few photos below.

29-12-2016 Update – Photos below of Rawene – sent in by Toni Metz – read more about the boats history in the comments section below. These photos were taken in the 1930’s at Waikaremoana. In the second photo, Rawene is the last boat in the line below the shed.



16 thoughts on “2016 Floating Bach Award Finalist

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  2. Hi Nath – Rawene was the second launch Mr Coulthard built for Alexander Alexander – so maybe Havoline was the first?


  3. Havoline was a brand of lubricating oil around the 30’s. One Auckland 18 footer was rebranded “Havoline” for a brief period at this time too.


  4. There are two Logan replicas which regularly moor at Waikaremoana, one is named Cachette, owned by Cedric Witters from Gisborne. Cachette is currently using the Rawene mooring until Rawene returns to Waikaremoana.


  5. The original Buda engine and gearbox as fitted to Rawene is complete and in storage. It was still a runner when replaced with a 4 cylinder Ford Diesel and is another restoration project waiting in the wings..


  6. She’s in my “Which Launch?” database as built by Coulthard in October 1928 for A. Alexander of Hastings and fitted with a 90hp ^ cylinder Buda “for off-shore cruising in Hawke Bay” see NZ Herald 4th October 1928. Another mystery solved!


  7. Good stuff. It tool me a fair bit of research to discover barely 1/4 of what you have written! In a 1938 colourised photo of Ahuriri her name almost appears as ‘Havoline’ but must be wrong. Beside her in the 1938 photo is another launch bearing a striking resemblance to my Coulthard Lucinda as launched, sort of.


  8. Rawene

    Built in 1928 by L.C. Coulthard, Boatbuilder of Onehunga, on a commission for a Mr Alexander Alexander of Napier, Rawene operated as a fishing boat out of Ahuriri.
    After the Napier Earthquake in 1931, Rawene was left high and dry on the newly formed mudflats, caused by the earthquake. Mr Thomas Holden of Gisborne, on a visit to Napier thought she would make a good lake boat and purchased her and brought her to Waikaremoana, in 1931.
    The Holden and Heggarty families spent many happy holidays at Waikaremoana on board Rawene. In 1960 following the death of Mr Holden the boat was sold to the Chapman Brothers of Frasertown, who owned her for the next eight years. Phillip de Lautour, who was then farming at Ohuka, purchased Rawene from the Chapmans about 1968 and eventually sold her to Walmsley Canning of Porangahau, April 1970. On 11th September 1976 she was purchased by a partnership of Jock Ross and Evert Metz. The Metz/Ross families still own her today.
    She is currently in Tauranga undergoing a refit but will be back at Waikaremoana early in 2017.
    Mr Coulthard’s son, who helped with her construction says they built an identical boat at the same time but he cannot remember her name – if anyone knows of a similar shaped hull we would be keen to hear more. Originally Rawene didn’t have the raised roof at the stern or the poop deck these were added in about 1978.


  9. Rawene looks to have been on that mooring since the very old days, I have come across photos which include her with the majority of current superstructure aside from Tauranga deck and raised cockpit top present. Same double saloon windows but with rounded tops. A nice boat.


  10. Using Alan’s zoom and my famed Squint-O-Meter (Patent Pending) I’m reasonably sure that the first Logan 33 is Cadeau Hull No.25 built in 2004. She was at Half Moon Bay until advertised on TradeMe in Feb 2013.


  11. That last Logan 33 is an older model, with single roof hatch above the helm and clears on the side canopy. Possibly Cachette, Hull No.10, which was built 2001 for an owner in Gisborne.

    The other is a more recent job with twin hatches, glass instead of clears, and a side name plate – which is very small. Possibly Lyric Hull No.19, built 2002, which was sold to Taupo in 2009.
    Any chance of a zoom on that name plate?


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