Rawene – A Peek Down Below



RAWENE – A Peek Down Below

Woody John Wicks sent in the above photos of the launch Rawene. They came from a friend of John’s, who got them from his brother on Tauranga, so the details were a little light e.g.  only the name & the date 1926.

This Rawene (there have been a few) has appeared on WW before when she lived on Lake Waikaremoana, looks like she is being hauled after receiving some TLC, as mentioned below in the owner’s comments. Great to see below decks.

Link here to when she first appeared on WW, I in fact had suggested that she had to be a finalist for the 2016 Floating Bach Awards 😉 https://waitematawoodys.com/2016/05/21/2016-floating-bach-award/

Below I have reproduced Hendrik Metz’s WW comments on the vessel.

Keen to hear more about what happened to with her while she was out & if she did make it back to the Lake?

Rawene – as told by owner, Hendrik Metz

Built in 1928 by L.C. Coulthard, Boatbuilder of Onehunga, on a commission for a Mr Alexander Alexander of Napier, Rawene operated as a fishing boat out of Ahuriri.

After the Napier Earthquake in 1931, Rawene was left high and dry on the newly formed mudflats, caused by the earthquake.  Mr Thomas Holden of Gisborne, on a visit to Napier thought she would make a good lake boat and purchased her and brought her to Waikaremoana, in 1931.

The Holden and Heggarty families spent many happy holidays at Waikaremoana on board Rawene.  In 1960 following the death of Mr Holden the boat was sold to the Chapman Brothers of Frasertown, who owned her for the next eight years.  Phillip de Lautour, who was then farming at Ohuka, purchased Rawene from the Chapmans about 1968 and eventually sold her to Walmsley Canning of Porangahau, April 1970.  On 11th September 1976 she was purchased by a partnership of Jock Ross and Evert Metz.  The Metz/Ross families still own her today.

She is currently in Tauranga undergoing a refit but will be back at Waikaremoana early in 2017.

Mr Coulthard’s son, who helped with her construction says they built an identical boat at the same time but he cannot remember her name – if anyone knows of a similar shaped hull we would be keen to hear more.  Originally Rawene didn’t have the raised roof at the stern or the poop deck these were added in about 1978.






22 thoughts on “Rawene – A Peek Down Below

  1. “Rawene”is still a much treasured family boat.Used regularly on Waikaremoana where she has had mooring for over 70 years.Hours of fun and fishing afforded many during summer holidays.Cherry Metz.


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  3. I helped Evert recover the roof and other bits and bobs when I was 14. He’d brought her to Wairoa for a tidy up paint and anti fouling. He let me drive Her across the lake thru thick fog using the clock, compass and 1400RPM engine speed I had to turn X degs at Y time and we ended up at the back of the lake 50 yards off the shore of the camp site. Fantastic experiences and ones I’ll never forget


  4. Have just seen Rawene, floating on her mooring, and beautifully restored, at Lake Waikaremoana. What a heart warming sight. Awesome work Hendrik and Guy Metz!!!


  5. Congratulations to the Metz Boys, when I saw the boat a year or so ago she was in a very sad state. I was keen to help and put my 50 plus years of Boatbuilding to good use but sadly there was no money in the coopers. so well done to them.


  6. Fantastic to see Rawene looking like she should again!! Great big congratulations to these Metz boys!


  7. I can symparhise with prop clearance as my Coulthard has practically the identical underwater shape without the cutaway keel. The prop i had made is a compromise 4 blade to acheive the bite required for my 50hp within proper clearance. The shaft is practically parallel with the waterline!


  8. Speaking of arses I think it’s far more practical to be caulking the seams on a big arse than playing keyboard warrier wouldn’t you think ? It’s certainly wot Andrew and I are doing this weekend. I rekon thrs some big gaps to seal on a couple of the longtime restos in auckland at mo. Its good therapy.


  9. As my better half tells me often, I am consistently annoying.
    Maybe we met in a boat yard or a police cell someplace as I can’t remember ever doing so sober.
    Enjoy yr holidays. C


  10. We have met. A number of times. but never mind. I didn’t want to reply again, but, you make comments repeatedly running down the varnish and original appearance brigade. I probably fall into the latter. Contrary to what you voice prolifically, those boats can also be used and enjoyed, as much as something thats all paint and practicality. Horses for courses. A comment on prop clearance isn’t a judgement on you personally. Nor is it a negative comment on the boat. no one here slams people for workman like boats.


  11. Well Jason you can think what you like. Having never met you nor you met me how about keeping what you think of me in yr head eh till we have. ? I am what I am and if you or anybody takes offence then that’s thr prob.
    I have followed ww for many years and cya before ww was born.
    I have read way to often on this forum pompous know alls commenting negatively on people’s boats when really they should be complementing them for keeping them going in wotever form that is. Boats don’t have to be varnished nor in original form to be enjoyed. And i have sed that often. Anyway,
    Have a merry Xmas and maybe we will meet on the harbour one day and have a beer. Cheers.


  12. Having done such things, giving the keelson a haircut or tweaking the rudder shoe to fit a bigger wheel usually gives the lurking boat yard know alls something to dribble thr Heineken lights over.


  13. That prop clearance is sure something, wonder if it makes any cavitation noise inside being that close…. I went to School in the BOP with a Robert Metz, wonder if it’s any relation.


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