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Harmony ticks an awful lot of boxes for anyone looking for a ‘spirit of tradition’ woody. First – she was designed & built by Robert Brooke, that alone makes her very special. Robert launched her in 2014 & as you would expect only the best materials were used in the build – with the hull being 9mm ply, epoxy glued.

Harmony measures approx. 15’ & is powered by a 20hp Honda o/b & comes on a customized galvanized trailer.

Harmony has only been in the water around 7 times & while she performs beautifully, the Honda has never been up to full speed.

Robert built Harmony for his own use but circumstances have changed & now she is reluctantly offered for sale.

Any woodys looking for a lake boat for Xmas? If so I would move quick, as Harmony will not be on the market for long

(thanks to Ian McDonald for the listing heads-up)

4 thoughts on “Harmony

  1. Agree with Jason. What a combination. Efficient and quiet Honda outboard, great name and super-stylish hull with a large dash of tradition. Great lake or seaside bach boat. VERY harmonious. She would be at the top of my list if I were crazy enough to get another boat.


  2. and yet, it’s the outboard that makes it a perfect lake boat, able to nose into beaches, lift the outboard for shallow rivers, it’s quiet etc…..


  3. Hi , lovely looking classic design and obviously very well built and an example of attention to detail. For me though !! I would prefer it had a nice little inboard. Cheers.


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