Little Tasman Restoration

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We followed the refit of the 26′ Colin Wild 1925 built launch – Little Tasman extensively on WW, links below will give you a great insight into the project undertaken by Colin Brown and Josh Hawke at the Omaha Yard.

The other day I uncovered a very cool video put together by Kauri Classics that gives us an overview of the project.

Post re-launching Little Tasman was relocated to her new home in Wellington.


3 thoughts on “Little Tasman Restoration

  1. I owned Little Tasman for several years. At the time she was used as a fishing boat at Houhora. I was always amazed at the number of people who came up to me and said they used to go out on her. Amongst those people was John Spencer whose father Berridge Spencer had her built by Col Wilde. I understand her original name was Tasman, Berridge Spencer then a a larger launch built which he also called Tasman. It then follows that the old boat got to be called Little Tasman


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