Little Tasman Gets Some Serious TLC

Little Tasman Gets Some Serious TLC

photos above ex Ken Ricketts

Today’s post is the 26′, 1925 Colin Wild designed / built Little Tasman, who until recently had been hiding under a trap at Point Wells. Now she is tucked away in boat builder Colin Brown’s shed at Omaha & getting a major fright 🙂
I love it when we see an old girl undergoing this degree of restoration – well done the new owner. I know there will be several woodys very happy to see today’s post.
Nathan – that Kawau race fleet is starting to look healthy, you & Jason P need to shake a leg if you want to be on the start line 🙂
Lots more on Little Tasman here

Pt Wells photos below

Quite a wee speedster in her day

8 thoughts on “Little Tasman Gets Some Serious TLC

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  3. You guys are doing just fine.
    I like Ference Mates philosophy
    There is little joy in creating junk. Boats live for a long time and so do people, and so does the spark of pride in a lovingly crafted piece of wood or canvas. Have patience, enjoy every step. You may never get the chance to do it again.


  4. Oh dear Little Tas. You darling! Happy memories.
    Look forward to your triumphant return to the fleet. Hopefully without splined planking and a trowelling/sloshing of solidified snot (L F Herreshoff’s apt name for the dreaded pox) on your topsides.
    It is not generally remembered but the Ward boys put a big V8 petrol engine in her at one stage in the ’70s and she would easily get up to her speed of the old days. They tried waterskiing behind her if I remember right. Would be nice to get pix of her at speed before the V8 was replaced by the Lees Marine 6.


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