Little Tasman Moves South After 91 years in Auckland Waters






Little Tasman Moves South After 91 years in Auckland Waters

Late November 2016 saw a part of Auckland’s maritime heritage leave our waters & head to her new home in Wellington.  The 1925 Colin Wild built launch Little Tasman has graced the waters of the Waitemata for approx. 91 year. While Auckland’s loss is undoubtedly Wellington’s gain, she is in good& I’m sure will return home one day – they all do 🙂
Her restoration has been well documented on ww so to view/read more on her – type her name in the ww search panel.

The montage of photos above are from numerous cameras, including Ken Ricketts, who also emailed me the photo of her below, in Mansion House Bay, taken in 1936 by Tudor Collins, courtesy Auckland Museum, for comparison of then & now. A wonderful restoration at the hands of Colin Brown & son-in-law Josh.


8 thoughts on “Little Tasman Moves South After 91 years in Auckland Waters

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  2. Great to see Little Tasman fully restored – awesome job! She gave us some great memories around Kawau Island…


  3. The converse, though, is true. People with big boats/cars/motorcycles tend to be rather small (not necessarily in stature alone). Happy New Year.


  4. She cruises around 7 & 1/2 knots — she only has a toy engine these days. — personally I would love to have seen her with one of those Yanmar 4 cyl 250/300 Hp whizzers, that look like an Austin 7 but have a wonderful power to weight ratio, & she would have performed excitingly with one of those, it seems to me. —
    Just a comment — It was a strange & sad feeling to see her leave Gulf Harbour. She is a special boat KEN R


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