Happy New Year



Happy New Year
Hopefully a lot of you will be anchored somewhere nice & your head will not be too sore after seeing in the New Year.
I’m still land based but hoping to get away on Raindance tomorrow – long overdue ……………. but family commitments was the trump card this year 🙂

Today’s story features two what appear to be identical woodys hauled out at Opua. Their sterns both list their home port as California – Resolute showing Long Beach & Puf Fin showing Newport Beach. Baden Pascoe sent in the photos & commented that he believes one belongs to the owner of the yard.

Any of the woodys able to supply more info on the two yachts ? Baden thinks they have a New England /Maine style to them.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. And yes Puffin is I believe still owned by Doug Schmuck once of North cove now Dougs Boat Yard Opua and i saw her out on tall ships day another beautiful BOI day on saturday.


  2. Yes, I have heard them called “plastic classics” behind my back. The 28″ BCC class is fiberglass… but based upon their 24″ wooden forerunners RENEGADE and SERAFFYN.
    The hulls as laid up at Sam Morse’s yard were very sturdy. I believe they are still constructed by a yard in Canada now.


  3. They are indeed Lyle Hess designs….Bristol Channel Cutters. Fiberglass hulls (and completed yachts) produced by Sam Morse in Costa Mesa. I built a fleet-mate, gaff rigged version “CHAUTAUQUA” in the 80’s in California and sailed her down to NZ to visit friends including Lin and Larry. We had a rendezvous of 5 of them at once in North Cove Kawau Island, PUFFIN was in attendance.
    My father Hale Field commissioned the design of the original 24 foot RENEGADE from Lyle, giving him the notion of using all the strengths of the pilot boats in the English Channel as his design ideals. Heaving to well in heavy weather, seakindly motion, and speedy. The first channel pilots out got the job, but they sometimes had to wait in the same spot in all kinds of weather. My dad raced RENEGADE in Southern California to much unexpected fame in the Ensenada Race, but she mostly used by our family for local cruising to Catalina Island and Mexico. RENEGADE was built in 1952 of wood at the LA Shipyard. Larry Pardey purchased the plans from my father and began construction on SERAFFYN, meeting Lin in the process, and the rest of that story has been amply told in their books.


  4. And Happy New Year to you too, Alan! 🙂
    But both boats in the pics are (I think) Lyle Hess designs (maybe the same design?), like the Pardey’s “Serrafyn” and “Taliesen”;. If so they have their immediate origin on the US West Coast, and come originally from the English Bristol Channel pilot cutters and Falmouth Quay Punts


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