Aquarius Is Back


The 1955, 38’ Supreme Craft built, ex game fishing classic launch Aquarius first appeared on WW back in Sept 2018, at the time she was hauled out on Waiheke Island and in a very sad state and we were reaching out to find a passionate woody that would take her under their wing – see that story here In April 2019 we reported that someone had stepped up to the mark and Aquarius was being transported back to the mainland and hopefully restored – see that story here Then in June 2020 we got to have a gander at the scope of the project, lots of photos here

Now thanks to a tme listing we get a peek at the almost finished job, the listing tells us the interior need finishing and a final coat of paint to the exterior. I understand a lot of work has gone into the project – could be an easy entry into woody boating for someone prepared to roll their sleeves up.Her forward motion is via twin Ford 85hp diesel engines.  Below is a peek at her journey 🙂

UPDATE 22-12-21 – photos below from the past sent in by Shamus

30-10-2022 UPDATE – Recently popped up for sale on tme. Still a work-in-progree but some bling being assembled to go on her 🙂

RESULTS OF YESTERDAYS CYA HERITAGE BASIN POLL – 85% BACKING FOR OPEN TO ALL CYA VESSELS – Over 1000 votes cast. Very high number of individual people visiting the site yesterday, 2nd only to a Mahurangi Regatta weekend story. Thanks also to all the emails and calls – I understand peoples hesitancy to comment ‘publicly’ on the site 😉

I had an email from a long term CYA launch owner “Greetings Alan, In my anger I voted thumb down when I wanted to vote for all wooden boats in the marina. Anyway to change it?”

5 thoughts on “Aquarius Is Back

  1. Cool to see!

    This was my grandads boat when he chartered it in the bay of islands game fishing (Richie Bloomfield)

    I have some pictures of this boat in its prime fishing days If the owner is interested?


  2. HOW WONDERFUL!!!, & she’s looking so stunning. — I wouldn’t have believed she could have come up so brilliantly, if I did not see it myself.

    Hearty congratulations to all involved, & it also looks like she still has her old engines as well. KEN R


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