Aquarius – Saved?




Back in Sept 2018, I reported on the launch Aquarius that was wasting away on Waiheke Island, awaiting someone to save her from an appointment with a back-hoe.

Well I can report that the first step towards saving her has been achieved – last week Aquarius came back to the mainland, not under her own steam – on the back of a transporter / barge.
You can see / read more on her here
I’m unaware as to who owns her now and what the plans are for her. A WW reader named Johanne, commented on WW on Saturday that Aquarius is now on the hard at Half Moon Bay marina.
Thanks to David Browne for the above photos.
Can anyone update us on what’s happening with this 38′, c.1955 Supreme Craft  built ex Bay of Island game-fisher  launch?

7 thoughts on “Aquarius – Saved?

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  3. That’s an awesome bit of news … She is too lovely to burn. I looked at her and she has really nice lines but was a bit too much for me. I would love to keep in touch with her new owner as the restoration proceeds.


  4. Think John’s wife was Nan Evan’s ex farmers from Hawk’s Bay or Gisborne. Live in Russell I think then kerikeri. Always hard to think backwards! LoL Jim

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    On Tue, 16 Apr 2019, 12:30 AM #1 for classic wooden bo


  5. Sings; “This is the dawning of the (new) age of Aquarius ……….”
    People usually chuck rocks at me at this point!


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