Aquarius – Restoration Update






I have done two previous WW stories on the 38’ Supreme Craft, 1955 built launch Aquarius. In September 2018 it was an SOS reaching out for someone to save her and bring her back from Waiheke Island where she had been hauled out for approx. 6 years. Then in April 2019 we reported that she was being trucked / ferried back to the mainland. WW links to those stories below.

Today I’m rapt to share the above work-in-progress photos ex Dave Brown and John Wright, who are restoring Aquarius. These boys are light on chat, they just get on with the work, which is impressive – we will continue to follow this project with great interest – well done guys 🙂
Photos below – first one is from 2018 and the bottom two are from the island ‘extraction’ in 2019.
Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 7.44.00 PM

3 thoughts on “Aquarius – Restoration Update

  1. I remember Aquarius on a mooring at Matiatia many years ago, she had outriggers and one had been lying on the side in the water for about 6 months, the boat was in a state if disrepair, it was then up on the hard at the Causeway for a few years untouched with bits stolen off her. Then to a paddock in Seaview Rd and then off to the city for this restoration. I’ve restored a couple of these old beauties and the orange lines of the re-corking brings back memories. You guys have done an amazing job brings a tear to my eye seeing the new look Aquarius well done.


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