Aquarius – SOS


Aquarius has been mentioned on WW before – link below . To remind you she is a 38′ ex big game fishing boat built / designed by McGeady/Supreme Craft and she was the first boat worked on by Ben Hipkins when he started his apprenticeship in 1955.
This time she appears as an SOS. I have been contacted by Murray Smith who has been looking for a project boat for some time and came across Aquqrius advertised on trademe. Murray has viewed the boat but she is a bit small for him, so on behalf of her current owner Phil Tarr, he has asked that we do a shout out on WW to find someone to take her over.
Currently she is sitting up on the hard in a storage yard on Waiheke. Phil pulled her out to renovate her (2012?) and has lots of the interior cabinetry safe n dry under his house. He has brand new fuel tanks ready to go back in then everything else should slot in. Sounds easy but this gives the new owner the chance to build the interior how they want. The engines have not been started for a few years and condition is honestly described as seized, more likely just reluctant to turn over, as Phil has had them overhauled prior to loosing focus. Sadly she is showing the signs of neglect one would expect, but her heart is sound.
A little history – she had been built for and was working in the B.O.I. and has been owned by many big names including Lofty Blomfield and Dame Kiri Te Kanawa’s mum.
I’m told the trademe photos are very poor & do not do her justice , also that the owner is very negotiable on price.

11 thoughts on “Aquarius – SOS

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  3. I was out walking and saw a beautiful old boat on a boat stand.It was wooden and in need of some TLC its name was Aquarius.down at half moon bay.


  4. Thank you all for your opinions and personal views. If you are interested other than making an opinion…please phone one of the owners,better yet come for a look and we will be happy to answer all questions in both instances. Also see the facebook page for “Aquarius classic game fisher” Thank you all very much,she deservies to be back in the water. Cheers Gina Gina 0275445254 or Phil 0275286351


  5. Gents. Phil has had people on Waiheke that want to strip the running gear out and turn her into a house hulk so has listed a high price to keep them away. Believe me he will talk with anyone who wants to restore her and will make it happen, doing virtually whatever it takes to see her saved. Jason Prew, if you have the motivation and ability to do it call Phil and discuss your offer, I think you will get a pleasant surprise, the offer made to me was very very attractive but I,m interested in saving something bigger n uglier…. possibly with a Tokoroa connection.


  6. I agree with the $2.5K but what on earth have they done to the main cabin top windows???? — KEN R


  7. I think this boat falls under a conversation we had here a while ago. Sounds judgemetal, but, If he really wants it restored, the price should not be 25k. Maybe 2.5k. That huge initial hit makes it un-economic, when the boat fully restored is prob only worth 50k. Obv my own personal view so feel free to shoot me down. Cam/Andrew, you guys have enough experience on the real costs to bring her back so I’d be interested in your views.


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