Important Message For All Classic Wooden Boat Enthusiasts

The Initial Concept For Heritage Landing Was On Brief
Heritage Basin – Was There Ever A Brief

TELL US YOUR VIEW – Should Auckland’s new waterfront Heritage Basin marina be: A. By invitation only for YACHTS alone that are pre WWII, NZ designed and built, and preferably gaff rigged, A Class. Or B. Be open to All CYA vessels VOTING CLOSED RESULTS BELOW85% SUPPORT THE MARINA BEING OPEN TO ALL CYA VESSELS

8 thoughts on “Important Message For All Classic Wooden Boat Enthusiasts

  1. I joined the CYA when I had purchased my boat 5 or 6 years ago. Was pretty underwhelmed to be honest. Don’t really see the point of it now.
    Much prefer Waitamata woodys as a connection to other like minded custodians for advice etc.
    Are CYA necessary to us?
    Can we just leave it to the elitists and carry on regardless?

    As Groucho Marx once said, Any club that wants me as a member I don’t want any part of!
    Each to his own, I guess…


  2. Hello. Several months ago I posted a comment here that Commodore Houghton deleted via his super powers of moderation…… given todays story, I have posted it again and challenge him to leave it live for others to see.

    “I have been told Aucklands leading daily newspaper is working on a story based on the Maritime Muesums land grab of Aucklands waterfront. The angle is their historical failure with visitor numbers and $$ losses. Their solution is to gain control of the few remaining areas on the waterfront, like the Vos Boat Shed and a secret proposed free marina targeting elite, wealthy yacht owners”


  3. Back in August, as a cya member I asked the cya chairperson if the Heritage Basin marina would be open to all cya vessels. The chairperson replied as below – in summary confirming that the selection criteria for the heritage basin area would be the same as the existing heritage landing area. When did it change and who approved this significant policy change?


  4. I remember attending as a launch owner the very first CYA meeting at the Squadron. It was clear at that early stage that the club was going to be yacht focussed rather than classic focussed. The home grown NZ classic A class fleet is magnificent and is, and should be cherished. However they represent only a small elitist section of our maritime pleasure boat history. The wider classic yacht and launch fleet is equally magnificent and in many ways more accurately reflects the skill and ingenuity of our boat building heritage. Why does it seem to be so hard to reconcile these two views and why does it have to be so political. How about putting the question to the full CYA membership.


  5. I was at the AGM where Chad Thompson stated all boat types would be catered for? So that was a lie? Very disappointed.


  6. It does sound as if the meetings are not properly chaired. The chairman is a servant of the organisation and not the lord high executioner. Yes there are specific rules for conduct of meetings and the committee members should have a reasonable working knowledge thereof or they are not doing their job.
    You can buy books on the conduct of meetings or go on line to check. It can be complicated but a chairman who knows the routine is essential and this one sounds as though he/she doesn’t. Ultimately the society suffers and this society is suffering by all this.
    We have a lot to lose.
    The display of boats at the Heritage Marina must be rotated so that it is of interest and providing variety -it is, after all the showpiece of the association.


  7. A properly worded and properly proposed motion tabled should be debated and voted on.
    The meeting Chair may indeed decline to accept the motion, but should be able to give a good and fair reason for doing so.
    If meeting attendees feel that the reason and ruling is unacceptable, they should invoke the Procedural Motion To Disagree. Someone neds to say “I move to disagree ( with the ruling) and call for a Seconder”. If seconded, the Chair may NOT refuse this motion , but must temporarily stand down, and the meeting must then elect a temporary Chair to preside over the discussion on the ruling being disagreed with (And only that motion, NOT the issue the original motion was about.) A vote on the ruling must then be taken; if the Motion To Disagree is carried, then the ruling is void, and the original motion must then be tabled and discussed. If it is lost then the Chair’s ruling is upheld. In either case the Chair should return immediately after the vote.
    I’ll note that in the few cases I’ve seen this Procedural Motion used, in about half of them the Chair accepted the overturning of their ruling with good grace, in others the Chair took umbrage (Fancy term for tossing a tanty) and refused to resume their chairing.
    Assuming the above letters of resignation are factually correct, it sounds as if the committee is, either wilfully or ignorantly, departing from the rules of fair debate and meeting procedure, not to mention any relevant sections of the CYA constitution.

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