A Pot-Pourri Of Woodys

Viveen @ Te Komua 
Raira @ Te Kouma

A Pot-Pourri Of Woodys

Today’s collection of classic launches come to use from a collective of woodys photographers that are cruising the Hauraki Gulf and outer waters – thanks to Angus Rogers, Murray Deeble, Colin Pawson and Lindsay McMorran.

And if you need a reminder of the cleverness of Chris McMullen, check out the link below to the story of his Herreshoff steam launch – just updated with shed photos post her ‘pretend’ (waterline check) launching.  https://waitematawoodys.com/2021/04/26/chris-mcmullens-herreshoff-steam-launch-2/

3 thoughts on “A Pot-Pourri Of Woodys

  1. With regard to “Lanai.” According to my brother, she was launched with 2x 4 cylinder Grey Marine petrol engines, on V drives. The second owner (V. Bedford) was the owner of Campbell Motors, Queen St. They were the Grey Marine dealers. He replaced the 4s with twin 6 cylinder 109 hp Greys. This was the engine configeration when my father and uncle purchased her. She has never been a single engine vessel.
    Regards Leith Menzies.


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