Back in early December 2021 Dean Wright spotted the 1949, Lanes built launch – Lanai hauled out at Rangitane, where she she had been for a little while, getting some love.Lanai first appeared on WW back in July 2014 and that story was updated in Sept 2016 with new photos  – link here to the story Lots of photos and debate to ingest.

I have to say she looks very kosher without the hothouse 😉

2 thoughts on “Lanai

  1. Hey, Dean is correct. Lanai is now a resident of the far north since we purchased her June 2018. She has been at doves bay until she had five months out on the father in laws lawn in Rangitane. Back in the water early December 2021 in time for our family holidays. She is now moored close to shore at the Rangitane boat ramp.


  2. Brings back memories of family cruising on Lanai. Do you have any info on other family boats……..Manurewi, White Cloud and Charisma?

    If you enter White Cloud in the WW search note – you can see / read more on her. Alan H


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