Waiheke Island Causeway Haul-Out

Waiheke Island Causeway Haul-Out
After driving past the haul-out yard at the top of Putiki Bay most days, normally around mid-morning (worst light) I at last got the light and the tide right. Great collection of craft in various states of repair / refit – I imagine the council nazis’s keep a tight rein of the ‘residents’ but it was remarkably tidy.

The launch Safari appears to be getting a serious dose of TLC – read / see more on her past here https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/05/02/safari/ Leonardo, the very salty ex workboat, popped up on WW in Oct 2021 – more here https://waitematawoodys.com/2021/10/24/leonardo-gets-a-birthday/

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5 thoughts on “Waiheke Island Causeway Haul-Out

  1. FURTHER to SCAN trad ANY info on SOLID teak SHIPS BOAT from


  2. ALSO ,, BRYAN ,, would appreciate any tracing info on clinker double ender TRAD SCAN lines RT kiwidickxboi.com Help sought ISLAND residents ? TANK you


  3. In the first photo of Leonardo, beyond the Trimaran by the trees on the right was Johnny Wrays wharf. He lived in house above the wharf with Lottie (see Southsea Vagabonds) Johnny lived in this house for many years,& did a bit of fishing for a living.


  4. I’m sure that’s the SAFARI in the top images — KEN R

    Ken R – I repeat my often given advice to you – “Slow down and read the WW story b4 commenting” – it states in the 2nd para that it is Safari and even has a link to a previous WW story on the boat.


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