Nereides – Gets A Facelift

NEREIDES – Gets A Facelift

In fact a tad more than a facelift- its a total refit 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I was moodching around the Tauranga / Mount Maunganui area and took Doug Owens up on his longstanding offer to view Nereides in her ’shed’. The timing was perfect as I also meet son Mohi, who is project managing the refit. Click photos to enlarge.

Nereides has always been a rather special woody – as are most boats built by Colin Wild. She slipped out of the CW shed in 1937 and her specs where 55’x15’x6’5″ and powered by a 200hp John Deere. The photos above are a combination of the ones I took on the day and others shared by Doug and Mohi, as you can see its a mammoth undertaking but is very close to re-launch. 
WW will kept you in the loop on this project.

Pre – Refit

UPDATE 12-04-2022 Getting very close to splash day 🙂


11 thoughts on “Nereides – Gets A Facelift

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  2. Are they going to restore her full rig do you know Alan as for many years recently when moored at Opua she only had a mizzen


  3. Owners must have shares in a hose/plumbing business with the amount of product connected in the engine compartment. 😉


  4. Whhatever sshe was powered with when she was built, it can’t have been a 200hp John Deere. John Deere have been making marine engines for only a little over 30 years. I can’t offer a suggestion as to what it might have been.


  5. Did a trip to Kawau, and others, around 1960 when the Rutherford family owned it. Special boat


  6. What is she powered with? — it looks new.
    She is also looking absolutely stunning, as she always has dones & wonderfully unchanged as far as I can see. KEN R


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