PIRATE – A Peek Down Below

Photo below ex Greg Philpott, of Pirate next to the Deeming’s boat shed at Tapu Point across the water from Opua. 

PIRATE – A Peek Down Below

Unless you are a Warkworth river rat, mooching around the upper reaches of the Mahurangi Harbour you wouldn’t have seen much of the stunning 1939 46’ launch – Pirate. Launched in 1939 at Matauwhi Bay in Russell, Bay of Islands, designed and built by Leon Warne. She has spent a large chunk of the last 18 years berthed alongside the old Cement Works. She always makes an appearance over the Mahurangi Regatta weekend and is one of those boats that just look right from any angle.

Pirate is constructed in full length kauri carvel plank and has twin Ford 6 cylinder 100HP diesel engines.

Pirate has an interesting provenance having been built for a German wool buyer (Otto Sommer), commissioned by the NZ Navy in World War II and used in degaussing operations, and subsequently in 1944, became Auckland’s second Police launch, replacing Tirimoana. Later she was a well known big-game fishing boat in the North, hosting among others Lord Mountbatten, who signed the Log Book. 

She is a fine example of a classic launch restored and cared for by passionate owners (18 yrs), these owners have just made the hard decision that it is time to pass Pirate onto her next custodian – so woodys, this is a unique opportunity to own a classic wooden boat of the caliber of Pirate.
Expressions of interest should be directed to waitematawoodys@gmail.com BUT – do not hang back, boats of Pirates size, presentation and provenance find new owners very quickly

 RSVP TODAY – Boat name & appox. # attending waitematawoodys@gmail.com

11 thoughts on “PIRATE – A Peek Down Below

  1. My father Tony Hurt had the 2 Chrysler royal petrol engines removed and the 2 Fords fitted by the Auckland Harbourboard. Trip to Barrier went from7.5 hours to 4.5 hrs. Have years of stories about Pirate including where divers placed the original lead name scroll off the transom!!!!

    Hi Greg – do not hold back – tell us more 🙂 Alan H


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  3. When my Father purchased her in 1989 from Opua we were told she was designed at 46 feet and a mistake was made so length is 42 feet , her sister Lady Russell is 46 feet . Pirate is incredibly strong my Dad had admired her back in the 50’s and was pleased as punch to own her


  4. My father caught 2striped marlin in 1949 then owned by Harold vipond.good 2 see it again.i have the original certificate.


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  6. I totally understand, but a parallel might be that my Nike Air Force 1 shoes don’t make me a taller person, they just make me hit my head in the for’d cabin of Pacific.

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  7. The Marina operators will find that length for you Nathan, look at the boarding platform and spareman holding the anchor out proud . Agree though lod from stem to transom is the accepted norm.

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  8. I’m wary of boats stated lengths, especially non-production boats which seem to grow and grow. The Pirate was launched as 41′, where are the extra 5 feet of proportionate volume, seaworthiness and hull speed?

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  9. Unquestionably, one of the greatest & most stunning examples of our maritime heritage, of as original, (more or less), of our pleasure craft fleet, and still in stunning condition, with an amazing and rare pedigree.
    She was owned by Tony Hurt (who also owned GALA LASS at one time) for a period, post WWII — KEN R


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