Beautiful Boats Attract Beautiful People

Beautiful Boats Attract Beautiful People

Friday was one of those special woody days – I travelled out to Pine Harbour marina to see the re-launch of Pirate, the Leon Warne 1939 built, 46’ launch.

Why was it special? Well back in March the launch Kokoru was ravaged in a dockside fire, just weeks after a total refit / restoration, links below to Kokoru. One of the few salvageable items were the brand new twin Yanmar 75hp engines. 

The owners made the tough call and decided to purchase another classic and use Kokoru as a donor. The lucky woody purchased was – Pirate. And she became the recipient of Kokoua’s engines.

For the last 6 weeks the transplant and associated bits – new shafts, props etc and a lot of work to the tankage – size and location, has been happening.

Still a work in progress but back in the water and ready for the next stage of the project. Amazingly Pirate did not take on any water, probably the result of her owners hosing the hull down twice a day while hauled out.

WW will visit again when Pirate is ship-shape and knowing the owners – sparkling 🙂

A big shout out to the owners – it takes special people to (1) restore a woody (2) recover from seeing her destroyed (3) leaping back in and buy another – well done Tracy and Alan. I read somewhere the other day a quote that “beautiful boats attract beautiful people” – seems to fit this story 🙂

( fyi – Kokoru went to a good home and we understand, overtime will be rebuilt, so a happy ending)



30-10-2022 – input below from owners

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Boats Attract Beautiful People

  1. Yes is great to see. The Lindesay family had Pirate in Bay of Islands around1970 -1980s Jack did a lot of work and fitted new teak hand rails etc at Opua ,Later she went to Auckland .If i remember right in the late 90s Pirate was on the slip in Auckland with the shafts out ,i negotiated with the owner a Mrs Cossar and took Pirate to Whangaroa
    only had her about year as i could not sell my other boat to finish payment.
    We put Pirate on the market and she sold the next day.
    Very special ship


  2. Looking at the relaunch video clip, it appeared that the bow sprit had caught on the edge of the jetty with everybody watching this about to happen ??


  3. Were the Fords poked? I guess she’s shaved about 600kg now

    Just tired. And very far forward so contributing to the downhill sloop. Alan H


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