Mystery Picton Boat

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 7.22.08 AM


Its only a mystery because the broker selling it obviously doesn’t want to sell the vessel. Why else would you not include the vessel’s name & designer / builder details?

I can tell you this bridgedecker is made of wood, 42′ long, built in 1929, is powered by a 75hp 5LW Gardner diesel & sleeps 6.
Her current home is Picton & at $49k ono its appears a reasonable buy – unless of course it was built in India 🙂

Just re-read the listing & hows this – they list the design of the tender (Seabird)………………

Update – so it looks like it is Rio Rito / Resolution, the photo below of Resolution was sent to me by Don Macleod, taken in Mercury Cove in summer of 2011.


11 thoughts on “Mystery Picton Boat

  1. Brokers indulge in this no-name nonsense in the hope that nobody will see their ad and go direct to the owner. Probably means they don’t have a Sole Agency.
    I remember her well as “Rio Rita”, one of kenny’s launches.


  2. PS for the music anoraks out there the singer is really Scrappy Lambert and the trumpet player is Tommy Gott, both of whom could do better than this studio gig.


  3. Yet another launch named after a pop song of the time (makes a change from racehorses). Put up with 2 min 45 sec direct from 1929 with this dire rendering (at least Harry Reser was playing a Gibson) Robin.


  4. Looks as if she has done a home trip for a repaint and overhaul. I am certain it is the Resolution (Rio Rata) which was well known in the Bay of Plenty and at Great Mercury every summer. My last sighting of her there was in 2011.


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