photos ex Alan Sexton & Alan H, details AS

Both Alan & myself spotted a rather striking launch last weekend at the 2016 Mahurangi Regatta – Jocelyn.
Alan commented that if he recalls correctly she was a Stevenson boat and used to be kept in a Hobson Bay boat shed in the winters, she still has the folding mast. Alan also thinks there was once a Sea Spray magazine feature on her, so woodys dig out the old back issues 😉

From her lines Alan & I would guess she could be a J Hacker (USA) design, built by Lanes & with Cat engines. Alan commented that when she came thru Stockyard Bay last Sunday night she sounded like she may well have been re-engined with a grunty pair.

What do we know about her?

Off to Lake Rotoiti today for the 2016 Classic & Wooden Boat Parade this Saturday (details below) – to use that old Australian saying “I’m as excited as a dog with two dicks” 🙂


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  1. Jocelyn was designed by our local (Dutch) designer Jerry Breekveldt the man who designed most of the steel fishing boats for JBL and Sanfords, not to mention all of the Owanga/Happy class fishing boats. She was built by Brin Wilson (1970) who built all of Sir Williams boats except his fist big boat Joanne (Oliver & Gilpin) My father built all of Sir Williams dinghys. Initially she was powered by 2 x 6/71 Detroits and they were later replaced by twin Cats. I have done 4 fishing trips on the boat with Sir William and his boatman Norm Kean. All her machinery was installed by Jack Logan.
    A text book effort on a grand scale. She is now owned by Jocelyn’s son and still in the same condition when she was built.


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