Lake Rotoiti Dinghy Day – Big Boys Toys Part 2

Seagull -104



Lake Rotoiti Dinghy Day – aka Big Boys Toys Part 2

The Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Association are a very active group & run some very cool events for the members. One of the best activities is the annual Dinghy Day which is a mix of serious – Seagull Outboard race & pure fun e.g. the ‘put you motor on something odd class’. There was even an entrant using the  fuel tanks off an old 1950’s airplane as their vessel & grandmothers couch from the 1960’s made an appearance.
Above are a few of the photos from the day, enjoy, they all did 🙂

9 thoughts on “Lake Rotoiti Dinghy Day – Big Boys Toys Part 2

  1. Hello Alan. I have been receiveing your daily posts for some time now and i enjoy looking at them. I have owned two boats in my life time, sorry neither were wooden, both jet boats with rather large V8s and a bit smelly and quite noisy. Just loved them. But i did grow up in a family of hunters and wooden boaters, and spent many holidays on Lake Rotoiti [North Island ] when i was young. I am now a young 68. My dad had many boats over the years, all wooden, one of which was built by him. Our family bach was just over the metal road [now the main road between Rotorua and Whakatane where i have lived for 33 years] at Rotoiti. On the other side of the lake, was my dad’s brother’s bach and boat. It is this boat that i would like to try and find out if it is still around. I know it is a long shot, but i do have one old photo. I have a few family stories to go with it. If i was to get someone to help me get that photo out of my downloads, [my computer dosen’t understand me] and send it to you, would you put it on your page. Not a good photo, it does have my dad and uncle on it, taken at least 70 years ago. Yes, a very long shot.

    If you could let me know if this would be possable that would be great. Looking foward to hearing from you, Mark Nichols.



  2. Weather is not great in Rotorua at the moment, have a feeling it maybe postponed until sunday


  3. With all this Rotoiti excitement going on, I’m now bitterly regretting selling my last two Forty Plus Seagulls on TradeMe. Somehow a 2hp Yamaha doesn’t do it. There seem to be cycles in life when you are temporarily without a Seagull (or a motor-bike…….. or an Austin 7). At least I’m back again in a Velocette cycle.


  4. A verse from the Caribbean travel log.

    I Named the Seagull Lazarus.

    I once had a seagull motor
    By chance it came to me
    For part of it’s life, this seagull motor
    Spent time on the bed of the sea

    This salty seagull motor
    Was then completely seized
    So with a big spanner, a vigorous manner
    I worked until it eased

    Rust did exit through the exhaust pipe
    My intentions would not be foiled
    With a new spark plug,points all cleaned
    The rest completely oiled

    This greasy seagull motor
    Much joy to us did bring
    As I pulled the rope once,then once more
    It spluttered and began to sing

    I named the seagull Lazarus
    It had a life once more
    True story of a rugged, Brit built motor
    Now part of seagull folklore.

    Dedicated to Lazarus the seagull motor.St. Maarten 1995.


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