Raindance Gets A Birthday

Raindance Gets A Birthday
Firstly a double apology 

1. If you are one of the several WW followers that have an issue with me posting photos of my launch – switch off and read a book, in fact do everyone a favour and push delete to WW updates

2. Today is all about the boat – after several weeks of being hauled out at The Slipway Milford, I relaunched today – I have used the term b4 but I’m as happy as a dog with two dicks 🙂
I will not bore you with all the work but Jason and Cam at the Slipway have corrected a telephone book size list of issues, faults and potential future oops – the ‘Readers Digest’ version of the work I’m very happy about is :-

• the paint job, stunning

• the steering, rebuilt including new rudder tube / stock / arm

• the mast – rewired / vanished  + visual enhancements

• refurbished stern – removed upright support posts + rot

• refastened duckboard

• addressed several niggling water leaks

Still a few cosmetic jobs on my list but she is looking 90% perfect.
If you are joining us on Sunday for the Woodys Riverhead Tavern lunch cruise, you can have.a gander dock side 🙂

(Photos ex Jason Prew & yours truly)

23 thoughts on “Raindance Gets A Birthday

  1. There was an Alan Houghton who lived in Ngataringa Rd Devonport kept a launch on a mooring in Ngataringa Bay below the house recall this launch was powered with a Ford V8 petrol motor


  2. Best time to put her on the market ?
    As long as you don’t move onto a plastic pussa like some have 🤣🤣🤣


  3. She looks fab Houghty! Flash as a rat with a gold tooth!! Now, we hope, the owner goes in for a face lift as well. Have fun up the river. Txx


  4. Hey, WW is your creation, you can put in whatever you want! Doing a daily blog is hard and repetitive – I and many other people appreciate your efforts . Sadly New Zealand seems to be cultivating may dumb and lazy people. Ignore them and keep up the great work! Oh – and Raindance looks great. Cheers Bryce

    On Sat, 19 Jun 2021 at 12:01 AM, waitematawoodys.com #1 for classic wooden boat stories, info, advice & news – updated daily wrote:

    > Alan Houghton – waitematawoodys.com founder posted: ” > https://videopress.com/v/AuUvP1Eh?preloadContent=metadata Raindance Gets > A BirthdayFirstly a double apology 1. If you are one of the several WW > followers that have an issue with me posting photos of my launch ” >


  5. Go4it, Al! We still love yer! Yep keep it coming. But a boat with no leaks? “A wooden boat is built from an assemblage of strangely-shaped pieces of wood so arranged as to retard the ingress of water” David Kasanof in Fo’cs’le Wooden Boat


  6. Ah….. the pleasure one gets when the work is over and the result brilliant. Pleasure for you Alan as owner and we as fellow woodies in seeing a classic given ” The Treatment.” knowing she is in top hands. Congratulations.


  7. Just beautiful , hope you don’t mind have shared the video

    Regards Rob Watt

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Rubrail screw slots nicely lined up? But seriously – she really is one of the loveliest boats around.

    Of course, well as much as one can on a 93 year old piece of kauri without damaging it 😉 AH


  9. She is so posh now, ordinary boaties will have to doff their hats now, & ask for special permission to come aboard!!!!! – She’s looking delightful– VERY WELL DONE — ken r


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