After all the shinny paint yesterday probably best to have a work-boat story today. The 48’ fishing boat – Pandora was built in the late 1960’s at the Alex Baxter Yard in Whangarei.. Her original owners were Brook and Winston Richards of Kaitaia, who had her built for commercial crawfishing. But she was set up so she could be converted to trawling within a few hours.The photo taken on launch day is dated Feb 1970 and is ex Photo News,  and comes to us via Lew Redwood’s fb. A comment there stated that Pandora was the best looking fishing boat built- big call, but she is a looker.

The news paper headline read – ‘$40,000 Boat Launched’ so she must have been out there in her day.

Do we know what became of Pandora?

Remember the Riverhead Tavern Woodys cruise today – lots arriving by car, so if you are put off by the weather – take the car for a spin 🙂 details below

2 thoughts on “Pandora

  1. Pandora fishes out of Nelson and is kept in the same condition as the Royal Yacht. Absolutely pristine and a credit to the owners


  2. Saw her tied up in Tauranga few years ago on the commercial wharf. Still fishing and looking great.


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