Royal Falcon Restoration – Update June 2020





Royal Falcon Restoration Update June 2020

I had a reason to be pointing the car towards what used to be called ‘Nappy Valley’ (Pakuranga) so decided to call into the Panmure River boat shed where Steve & Colette Pople are having the 38’, 1934 Cox & Filmer built bridge-decker – Royal Falcon restored, ‘having’ isn’t the best word because both are actively involved in the project.
As you will see in the above photo gallery, the team are working at an impressive pace. The Commer TS3 engine is back in and looking very shinny. Very impressed to see the team re-purposing as much timber as possible – we like that 🙂
While there I dropped off an age appropriate search light that I had promised Steve, it didn’t suit Raindance so – ‘spread the love’. Thank you Jason Prew who gifted it to me originally 🙂
You can read / view Royal Falocn’s past at the link below + earlier project photos
Below is a video walk by/thru that I did. Have to say it is so cool to see a real, working, waterfront boat shed. Anyone remember something called ‘Heritage Landing’ aka the Vos Shed………….

5 thoughts on “Royal Falcon Restoration – Update June 2020

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  2. Whilst she has not retained her original lovely classic look exactly as it was, nevertheless her coamings styling is very compatible for her era, & has symmetry & balance in my view, with “NO BLOCK FLATS, & wonderfully on top it seems.

    I remember her so well in the Wrightson era in the later 1940’s-50’s. Great she is going to be loved again, — KEN R


  3. Is that Leader Boat Builders/Owen Woolley’s old shed?
    Does anyone use the old Lane’s shed, which I believe does/did belong to the Spencers?


  4. I remember a Royal Falcon owned by Murray Rodgers of Okaihau who did a fair bit of game fishing from her during the 80’s, in the BOI. Moored at Waitangi I think. Wonder if it’s the same boat?


  5. I had a day out on her (aged 8) in 1952. Loved it . Owned by John Wrightson of Herne Bay at the time.


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