Royal Falcon Restoration



Some news on the 38’ Cox & Filmer 1934 built bridge decker – Royal Falcon from her owners Steve & Colette Pople.

Having languished on the Waipuna River for the last 10 years and now 20 – 25 years behind in maintenance its owners have moved her into a shed at Waipuna.

They have a long road ahead of them, as they plan to almost completely rebuild from the deck up plus some hull work. I’m very pleased to say they have already removed the flying bridge, due to rot, and intend to return the exterior to its 1940 shape as per the WW photo at Mansion House Bay Kawau Island (see below).

RF’s engine, a Commer TS3 has already had extensive work done it but is being further worked on by TS3 specialist Mark Erskine and will be good for another 20 years.

WW will follow this project & keep to updated.

You can read more on her here, make sure you read the comments section – lots there

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 9.27.20 am

15-07-2018 Update ex Steve Pople – photos below

The stern tube has been rebored to remove the 20 mm whip in the shaft, apparently from when the cockpit extension went on.

She has had 47 broken ribs replaced with new spotted gum steamed in ribs, and we have nearly finished replacing 1800 copper nails and roves !!

Engine beds have been replaced, and a new anchor locker and bulkheads are about to me made.


And a couple of photos ex the NZ Herald , as she was launched – very smart looking launch.

Royal Falcon 1934 Martin boat 1

Royal Falcon 1934 martin boat 2

5 thoughts on “Royal Falcon Restoration

  1. The Royal Falcon was owned by Jack Wrightson in the 1950’s and I helmed her at age 8 – I am now 75 and still getting on the water when I can. John Newsham


  2. keep up the momentum 🙂 hopefully not too much to fix from the previous bodge artist! great to see another one being done properly.


  3. I took the b/w photo in Christmas 1948. I’m so thrilled that she will be coming back to be her beautiful classic old self, as she was, in 1948. — Great work & more power to your elbows, Steve & Collette – KEN R


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